Missouri MOve Smart Guidelines for Child Care

missouri Move Smart child care

What is it? The Missouri Child and Adult Care Food Program is on a mission to improve the health of children through physical, mental and social development. The Missouri MOve Smart Child Care program provides a set of physical activity standards, for child care facilities to follow, that will help children reach their full potential in physical growth and health.

Why? Obesity continues to be an issue in Missouri. The Missouri Eat Smart Guidelines, introduced in 2010, were a starting point for Missouri to address the eating habits of its young children. The Missouri MOve Smart Child Care program is designed to help equip Missouri child care facilities with tools to address the physical activity side of healthful habits for its children and provide a structured program to evaluate a child care's physical activity environment.

Who should achieve it? Your Center! Child care facilities provide an excellent opportunity for children to develop healthy nutrition and physical activity habits for life.

When? Now! See the links above for further information and to get scheduled for the MOve Smart training so you can become a MOve Smart Child Care Center.

Get Active! Get Fit! Be Healthy!