Internship Costs


Costs involved in applying to the PDI
There is no application fee to apply to the PDI.

Pre-select applicants -
See Application Process for required materials and additional information.

Computer match applicants -
Those interested in applying through the computer matching option should contact the program director after February 1st annually to inquire about available positions. See Application Process for additional information.

Costs involved in completion of the PDI
The intern will be responsible for costs involved in the completion of the program. Access to the internet is required. Estimated intern expenditures during the course of the program:

Program Fee, except where waived*  $5,000
*There is no fee for those interns who are employed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ WIC Program or employed by a Missouri Local WIC Provider. A $5,000 fee applies to all other interns.
**Effective with 2015-2016 Internship Class

Textbooks and supplies  $400

Professional liability insurance  ~$100-$125

Student membership in Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  ~$50

RD practice exam or review course  ~$450 + travel expenses

Cost of living: Intern is responsible for making their own housing arrangements for Jefferson City meetings, didactic sessions and other rotations necessitating temporary housing. When two or more interns are from the same area of the state or request the same area of the state for rotations and rotation sites will only take one intern, preference is given according to ranking of the intern during the selection process.

Apartment    estimated at $500-$800/month
Motel    estimated at $3,000/eight weeks
Food    variable, at the expense of the intern

Gas, vehicle expenses, automobile insurance: Reliable transportation is required. There may be a great deal of traveling (200 miles or more, round trip, per day). Travel will be greatly reduced for those interns willing to obtain temporary housing in each location of supervised practice.

Commission on Dietetics Registration examination fee  ~$200

Lab coat(s) and uniform(s)  $100

Medical tests and immunizations required by the affiliate sites include but are not limited to:  (~ $400-$600)

Criminal background check required by the affiliate sites include but are not limited to:

Any costs associated with professional organization meetings:
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE):   ~$1,200
*Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (MoAND):  ~$360
*WIC Conference (biennial):  ~varies for hotel and food costs

Health/medical insurance:  varies
Interns are responsible for their own health/medical insurance.


*Attendance required at these conferences