To participate in the VFC program, providers agree to:

    • Screen the patient or guardian to determine the child’s eligibility (verification is not required).
    • Comply with the recommended immunization schedule, dosage, and contraindications, established by the ACIP and state law.
    • Provide vaccine information materials as prescribed by law (required of all providers despite their enrollment status in the VFC Program).
    • Not charge for the VFC-supplied vaccine (providers may charge an administration fee of up to $15.07 per dose administered for uninsured children).
    • Maintain documentation of VFC vaccines administered, eligibility records, and temperature logs for a period of 3 years.
    • Submit monthly vaccine usage and inventory reports that document VFC eligibility and doses administered data and complete an annual Provider Profile.
    • Make records available for review to public health officials and program representatives as requested.
    • No provider may deny VFC vaccine to VFC-eligible patients because they are unable to pay the administration fee.