Council for Public Health Nursing


The Council for Public Health Nursing (CPHN) was established within the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to address issues that impact public health nursing within the public health system.  The CPHN provides leadership, expertise, and coordination of public health nursing issues including practice, standards, education, and recruitment.


Through excellence in public health nursing practice, public health nurses will be leaders in promoting healthy people in healthy communities.


Council for Public Health Nursing provides leadership, expertise, and advocacy related to public health nursing practice, standards, and issues.


The Council for Public Health Nursing values:

History & Structure

The Council of Public Health Nursing was established in April, 1997, and the first meeting was held in October, 1997. The CPHN membership was all DHSS staff and the chair was the DHSS public health nursing liaison.

In May, 1999, the CPHN was restructured and expanded to include two standing committees, one representing DHSS and the other representing the local public health agencies (LPHA). The DHSS committee was composed of one representative from each division, center, and district within DHSS, and the LPHA committee was composed of one LPHA nurse from each district.

In July, 2003, the CPHN was again restructured to include greater representation from the LPHAs, and added representatives from nursing education and a public health related organization. An executive board was established with the chair being a representative from a LPHA. The DHSS public health nursing liaison became an ex-officio member of the executive board. The name of the CPHN was changed to Council for Public Health Nursing at this time.

Strategic Issues

The CPHN is currently working on the strategic challenge of identifying and promoting the value of public health nursing in the community.

Work groups have been established to work on the following issues: