Summer Weather Safety

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family but it can also bring weather conditions that could put you in danger. By taking a few simple precautions you can ensure the health and safety of loved ones, including pets. Become familiar with local emergency procedures in your area and make a plan to stay safe this summer - no matter what the weather brings.


While lightning can be fascinating to watch, it is also extremely dangerous. In the United States, there are an estimated 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning flashes each year. Remember, if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning.

Safety Tips Outdoors

Safety Tips Indoors

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When there are thunderstorms and lightning in your area, turn on your radio or TV to get the latest emergency information from local authorities.

Because tornadoes often accompany thunderstorms, pay close attention to changing weather conditions when there is a severe thunderstorm watch or warning.

Safety Tips

Your family might not be together when a thunderstorm strikes. It is important to have a plan in place. Talk about how you will reach each other.

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Excessive Heat

In 2012, there were 52 heat-related deaths in Missouri. During prolonged periods of high temperatures, using air conditioning - either at home or by seeking shelter in a local cooling center -- is the best preventive measure. Missourians can become familiar with the terms used to identify heat hazards and prepare in advance for extreme heat.

Safety Tips