Women's Health

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National Women's Health Week

Women make choices every day for both themselves and their family. Making informed decisions about their health and the health of their families will lead to better lifestyles down the road. Promoting good eating habits and physical activity are some of the healthy decisions that women can make for themselves and bestow upon their family.

There are many health differences between women and men. Some of these differences include:

Women make decisions every day that affect the health of their families. For example, they generally decide what food the family eats and how much physical activity the family will be involved in. They decide when their children go to their health care provider, and they are responsible for interpreting the provider's advice about their children's health conditions. They are responsible for seeing that their families get important preventive services such as screening exams and immunizations.

Show Me Healthy Women  is a free breast and cervical cancer screening program for qualified women and WISEWOMAN offers free annual screenings that measure blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL, blood glucose, and height and weight for body mass index (BMI).

Chronic disease, such as heart disease and diabetes and cancers, are the leading cause of death and disability for women in Missouri, yet there are ways of reducing risk for developing these conditions. Eating recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, being physically active on a regular basis, avoiding tobacco use and smoke, and drinking only moderately (if at all) can significantly reduce the risk of these chronic diseases. Seeing a health care provider regularly for screening exams is another important preventive step.

You will find that this web page does not offer medical advice. The Office on Women's Health is a public health office focused on helping women and their families stay healthy. None of the information on this web page is intended to replace what your own health care provider tells you. We hope you use this web page as a starting point for taking charge of your health by getting information you need and adopting healthy behaviors.