Minority Health

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Health and health care disparities continue to cloud the horizon for minority communities resulting in the increased risk of illness, injury and death. Currently, state health statistics indicate that minority populations are disproportionately plagued with conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and many others. Wellness for all the citizens of this state are compromised when disparities, such as this exist.

The mission of the Missouri Office of Minority Health is to eliminate health disparities through assertive leadership, advocacy support, and visible interaction with minority communities in Missouri. This can only be achieved through a heightened awareness of health, strategic partnerships and community engagement at every level. Consequently, minority health is about everyone -health care providers, social service organizations, industry, faith-based organizations, schools, policy makers and individuals getting involved. We urge the minority community to practice healthy behaviors, participate in health awareness activities and help someone else along the way to do the same.

Initiatives and Focus

HIV/AIDS Prevention Plan: Promoting Healthy Minority Communities
Minority Infant Mortality Prevention Initiative
Obesity Prevention
4th Sunday: Where Health Meets Faith
Minority Health Advisory Committee
Paula J. Carter Center on Minority Health and Aging

Laws, Regulations & Manuals

Missouri Statutes

192.083  Office of Minority Health Established