Community Health Assessment Training Handbook - Course 1

Introduction to Profiles and MICA (Course 1)

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Section 1 - DHSS Resources
DHSS Home Page
Data, Surveillance Systems & Statistical Reports
Community Health Assessment and Intervention Planning Tools

Section 2 - Community Data Profiles
Child Health Profile
Profiles Exercises #1
Age-Adjusted Rates
Survey Data (BRFSS & County Level Study)

Section 3 - Community Data Profiles - cont'd
Stroke Profile
Enhanced Features on Profiles (Trend Lines, Bar Charts)
Social and Economic Indicators Profile
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Problems Profile
Profiles Exercises Part 2

Section 4 - MICA (Missouri Information for Community Assessment)
Population MICA
Birth MICA
Drill-Down Variables
Confidence Intervals
Death MICA
Age-Adjusted Rates
Drill-Down Indicators
Map for more specific causes within selected cause

Section 5 - MICA (Missouri Information for Community Assessment) - cont'd
Hospital Discharges, Charges and Days of Care MICA
Zip Code Tables
MICA Exercises
Cancer Registry MICA
Procedures MICA
WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) MICA
Local WIC Provider MICA
TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) MICA
MICA Exercises


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