Data, Surveillance Systems & Statistical Reports

Community Health Assessment and Intervention Planning

Data and Surveillance Systems

Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology
and Surveillance (ABLES)

Bioterrorism Sentinel Surveillance
Birth Certificate Data
Birth Defects Registry
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Surveillance
Childhood Lead
Communicable Disease
County-level Study
Divorces (Dissolutions of Marriages)
Emergency Room Visits
Environmental Public Health Tracking
Fetal Deaths
Geocodes for Missouri Cities
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Head & Spinal Cord Injury
HIV/STD/AIDS Surveillance
Lead Poisoning
Live Births

Managed Care Data and Consumer Guides
Missouri Cancer Registry
Health Care-Associated Infection Reporting (HAI)
Missouri Child Health Assessment Program Survey (MoCHAPS)
Missouri Hazardous Material Incident Surveillance (MHMIS)
Missouri Health Care-Associated Infection Reporting System (MHIRS)
Missouri Pregnancy Risk Assessment
Monitoring System (PRAMS)

Office of Surveillance
Diseases/Conditions Annual Reports

Patient Abstract System
Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance
System (PedNSS)

Pregnancy Associated and Maternal
Mortality Review (PAMR)

Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance
System (PNSS)

Population Estimates
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
Tuberculosis Disease and Infection
Vital Statistics
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS)

Special Reports

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Archived Reports

Missouri Nosocomial Infection Reporting Data: Report to the Governor and General Assembly