Healthy People 2020 Objectives – Missouri Data Resources

The Healthy People initiative provides goals for a variety of health indicators.  Many Missouri communities are using the Healthy People objectives and targets as a guide for health status improvement and need local data to track their progress.  The Bureau of Health Care Analysis and Data Dissemination is compiling tables that list state and local data sources for the Healthy People objectives. 

Each Excel spreadsheet linked below provides information on a Healthy People topic area.  Additional topic areas will be added as they are completed.  For each objective, a comparable indicator from a Missouri data source is listed, if available, along with the type of rate (1-year, 5-year, etc.) provided by the source and the geographic levels for which rates are available (state, county, city, region, etc.).  The last two columns of the spreadsheet include the U.S. baseline and target rates from the Healthy People website.  Users can download the table and add additional columns to incorporate their communities’ data, which can be easily accessed using the hyperlinks on the Missouri Data Source labels. 

In some cases, the only available Missouri indicator does not exactly match the objective definition provided by Healthy People.  Those indicators are presented in red text with an explanation of the differences.

Missouri data for some indicators are available but are not published in the state’s online tools due to small numbers or confidentiality issues.  To request those data, please contact the Bureau of Health Care Analysis and Data Dissemination or send an e-mail to

If you are aware of a data source that is missing from the table, please contact the Bureau of Health Care Analysis and Data Dissemination so that this resource can be updated.