Home Health State Licensure Forms and Resources

An entity operating as a licensed home health agency must offer two skilled services on an intermittent basis, one of which must be skilled nursing.

How to Apply

Letter of Intent for State Licensure and/or Medicare Certification

Application for Home Health Agency License

State Disclosure of Ownership and Control Interest Statement

197.400 - 197.478 RSMo Home Health Agencies

19 CSR 30-26.010 Home Health Licensure Rule

Alzheimer's and Dementia Specific Training - 660.050

Interpretive Guidelines - Home Health Agencies (State Operations Manual-Appendix B)

Patient Rights (42 CFR 484.10)

Criminal Background - 660.317

Family Care Safety Registry

Advance Directive Information - 42 CFR 489.100-489.104

MO Law Regarding a Patient's Right to Make Health Care Treatment Decisions

Pharmacy Rule

Hepatitis B - 29 CFR 1910.1030(f)(1), (i)(ii),(ii)(A),(2)(iv)

Home Health Aide Competency Evaluation - Please call our office at 573/751-6336 to obtain a copy.