Restorative Nurse Assistant (RNA)

Although there are currently no federal or state regulations for Restorative Nurse Assistants a great deal of thought and discussion focused on the need for such a training program. The RNA is an expanded role for the Certified Nurse Assistant! It is the right of every individual to receive optimum care delivered by trained personnel. Federal and state laws and regulations are adopted to ensure quality care to residents of health care facilities. The RNA acquires special knowledge, skills, and techniques in therapeutic rehabilitation as prescribed and supervised by licensed personnel.

Prerequisites for the RNA Course: It is recommended that the RNA course be offered to those individuals who qualify based on the following criteria:

Education Program: A manual developed by the Department of Health and Senior Services is available. The manual is available at Assessment Resource Center 800-366-8232 or 573-882-4694. Item number for instructors is 50-5070I and for students is 50-5070S. A recommended program consists of the following:

Training Facilities: Recommended training sites include the following:

Instructor Qualifications: The following minimum requirements are recommended:

Test Procedure: A recommended testing procedure is:

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