Registered/Licensed Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Professionals are required to complete continuing education and renew their registration before the end of a three-year registration period.  The list below includes professionals whose registration/license has recently expired.  Note that the list will be updated regularly.  However, for a short time the list might include a professional’s name even after the individual renewed their registration during the brief grace period allowed. You may request that an OWTS professional show identification and/or proof of registration or contact the Onsite Sewage Program to confirm current registration status.

Explanation of registration notations used in table below:
INSTALL – OWTS Installers, Basic or Advanced
OSE – Onsite Soil Evaluators
PT – Percolation Tester
INSPECT – Existing OWTS System Inspectors (related to property sales)

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OWTS Professional Registrations Expiring

Status Registration Date of Expiration Last Name First Name MI City County
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Adams Jeremiah S Centralia Boone
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Baker Kevin S Holden Johnson
EXPIRED INSPECT 10/31/2017 Callaway Michael E Daisy Cape Girardeau
EXPIRED INSPECT 10/31/2017 Carnes John E Monett Lawrence
EXPIRED PT 10/31/2017 Chapman Jr John A St. Clair Franklin
EXPIRED INSPECT 10/31/2017 Childers Alicia Seneca Newton
EXPIRED INSPECT 10/31/2017 Childers Melvin A Seneca Newton
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Clayton Jack L Centralia Boone
EXPIRED PT 10/31/2017 Davis Jr Robert T Park Hills State
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Devenport Timothy D Jacksonville Randolph
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Faulkner Brock Columbia Cooper
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Hamilton Mike E Springfield Greene
EXPIRED INSPECT 10/31/2017 Helms Larry D Dixon Pulaski
EXPIRED PT 10/31/2017 Hicks Dick Lawrence Out of State
EXPIRED INSPECT 10/31/2017 Hornbuckle Zack C Fulton Callaway
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Houchen Curt D Peculiar Cass
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Howard Dale E Hillsboro St Charles
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Jerrett Jacob J Tunas Dallas
EXPIRED INSTALL 10/31/2017 Kramme Byrian B Springfield Greene
EXPIRED PT 10/31/2017 Lockney Todd B Concordia Benton
EXPIRED INSTALL 12/31/2017 Lowe Barry E Kearney Clay
REG INSTALL 11/30/2017 Matousek Sam A Sullivan Franklin
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Mendenhall Carl David Salem Dent
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Parham Rick S Rogersville Greene
EXPIRED INSPECT 10/31/2017 Peterson Robert W. Springfield Greene
EXPIRED INSTALL 12/31/2017 Petry, Jr David A Winfield Lincoln
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Picker Chad A St. James Phelps
EXPIRED PT 10/31/2017 Picker Chad A St. James Phelps
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Poynter Thomas C Tunas Dallas
EXPIRED INSPECT 11/30/2017 Rook Steve S Nixa Christian
REG INSTALL 11/30/2017 Townsend Harold L St. Charles St Charles
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Truog Aaron J West Plains Howell
EXPIRED PT 10/31/2017 Turek Julian Leo Shrewbury St Louis
EXPIRED PT 10/31/2017 Waters Mark Valley Pard St Louis
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Wills Gregory Shane Cleveland Cass
EXPIRED INSTALL 11/30/2017 Zimmerle Edward G St. Peters St Charles



Contact us if you have questions about this list, or to update or correct an address.

(updated 1/18/18)