For Public Comment

Vienna Wells Public Health Assessment

The The Senior Community Service Employment Program Strategic Plan for 2014-2016 is being placed on the Department of Health and Senior Services website for public review. This document seeks the advice and recommendations of organizations and individuals with expertise in older worker issues and those wishing to comment on the strategies, policies and responsibilities of this program. All public comments are welcome and must be directed to or to Michael Brewer, Program Coordinator, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, P.O. Box 570, Jefferson City, MO 65102. Comments will be included in the final copy of the plan which will be submitted to the US Department of Labor no later than November 26, 2014. All comments are due to the Department of Health and Senior Services by November 12, 2014 to allow time for incorporation into the final document.

As provided under the Older Americans Act sec. 503(a)(1), the State Plan must include a four-year strategy for the statewide provision of community service employment and other authorized activities for the eligible individuals under the SCSEP. The new State Plan is intended to foster both short-term and long-term coordination among the various national and state SCSEP grantees and sub-recipients operating within the State of Missouri and to facilitate the efforts of key stakeholders, including the State and local boards under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), to work collaboratively through a participatory process to accomplish the SCSEP goals.