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March 23, 2015

Missouri Time Critical Diagnosis Stroke Center Designations Announced

Missouri has designated 43 Stroke Centers, the newest component of the Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) System, throughout the state. The Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) System is a statewide system that brings together the 911 response system, ambulance services and hospitals in a coordinated way to provide patients the right care, at the right place, in the right amount of time.  With the designated Stroke Centers in place, individuals suffering a stroke will receive quicker response times and improved survival and recovery rates. The Stroke Center designation is voluntary.

A list of the designated Stroke Centers can be found  here:

Additional information about the specific leves of of Stroke Centers in Missouri:

Designations are made only after a thorough review by a team that consists of a Stroke Coordinator or Stroke Program Manager, one Emergency Medicine physician, one or two Neurologist(s)/Neuro-Interventionalist(s) all with experience in stroke, and one representative from the Department of Health and Senior Services. The designation is valid for four years.