Training Materials

Introduction to ESSENCE
Accessing ESSENCE
Differences between "old" and "new" ESSENCE
Saving your ESSENCE Username/Password in your web browser
How to Create a Report for Influenza-like Illness

Missouri ESSENCE User Guide: A self-study training guide for all new or existing Missouri ESSENCE users [42 pgs, 1.69 MB]

10 Things to Know About Using ESSENCE: A guide to help make using Missouri ESSENCE easier [9pgs, 732 KB]

PowerPoint slides from the Training Seminar [648 KB]

Missouri ESSENCE Toolbar Quick Reference Guide: A guide explaining the tools available in the Missouri ESSENCE toolbar [3 pgs, 264 KB]

Missouri ESSENCE Data Dictionary: A guide to variables, tools, and abbreviations used within Missouri’s ESSENCE system [4 pgs, 282 KB]

Tips for Missouri ESSENCE Users

Digital Certificates

Directions for installing a digital certificate in Internet Explorer for use in the Missouri ESSENCE web application.
Certificate instructions for IE6 or below [4 pgs, 80 KB]
Certificate instructions for IE7 [6 pgs, 360 KB]


Sometimes ESSENCE can have duplicate data because of the way in which the database is queried. Learn how to remove duplicate records in Excel with this fact sheet and sample data set.
Removing Duplicates in Excel 2003 [1 pg, 28 KB]     Deduplication Sample Data [36 KB]
Removing Duplicates in Excel 2007 [2 pgs, 146 KB] 

Saving an ESSENCE Map as a Graphics File

Directions on how to save an image of an ESSENCE map for use in a report or other document.
Saving map as a graphics file [2 pgs, 230 KB]