Pursuant to Section 192.945, RSMo, and 19 CSR 20-51.010, a Missouri resident age eighteen years or older with intractable epilepsy, or a Missouri resident who is the parent or legal guardian responsible for the medical care of a minor with intractable epilepsy, may apply to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for a Missouri Hemp Extract Registration Card.  Registrants may possess or use hemp extract as defined in Section 195.207, RSMo, under the conditions set forth in that section. A Registration Card is valid for one year.

The following forms are needed for initial application and annual renewal:

The applicant or current registrant may apply for a waiver allowing for possession of more than twenty (20) ounces of hemp extract by using the following form:

Follow all directions on the forms in order to submit a completed application. Questions about these forms may be directed to the Division of Community and Public Health, 573-522-8329.

Note: Pursuant to 19 CSR 20-51.010(9)(F)-(G), a Registration Card shall not be transferred or altered. A Registration Card certifies that the registrant has complied with the requirements for obtaining a Card under Section 192.945, RSMo, and if noted on the card, the requirements for obtaining a waiver under Section 195.207.4, RSMo. A Registration Card does not certify that the registrant is in compliance with any other laws and does not authorize the registrant to violate any laws.

For information regarding licensed hemp extract cultivation and production facilities, visit http://agriculture.mo.gov/hemp.php or contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture at (573) 751-8558.