LITERATURE ORDERING PROCEDURES for Request for Literature Form (DH-47) (PDF Format).

Orders are accepted by mail or by facsimile (573) 751-1574. We do not accept orders over the phone.

THANK YOU for assisting us in serving you better by following the instructions as shown:

Column 1- Requested

Enter the amount of each title you are requesting. Please pay attention to limitations on the quantity of certain titles. Literature for requestors outside of our state is limited to one courtesy copy per request. Please be aware that some literature may be distributed by pad, package, or set and should not be ordered by each.

Column 2 - Supplied

LEAVE BLANK. This space is for office use only. If an item is out of stock, it will be noted in this column. You will need to submit a new request form for items that are out of stock.

Column 3 - Stock No.

Enter the stock/literature number located on the Literature Listing or on the back of the pamphlet in the lower right hand corner

Column 4 - Title

Enter the exact title as it appears in the Warehouse Literature Listing or from the front of the pamphlet. Please list each title separately.

Column 5- Comments

LEAVE BLANK. This space is for office use only. If an item is discontinued, is restricted to a limit, or requires program approval, it will be noted in this column. Do not resubmit a form for discontinued items, these items will no longer be available.


Please be sure to complete the bottom portion of the request form: give the name of the person requesting the order, the organization name, and a complete street address. Most orders are sent UPS (United Parcel Service) and will not be delivered to P.O. Box numbers. A telephone number is needed so we may contact you with any questions regarding your request.

The requestor should keep the pink copy of the completed request form for their records. (Make a photocopy when using the downloaded version.) Mail the white and canary copy to:

Missouri Dept. of Health and Senior Services
Literature Library
P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570.

When the order is processed, the yellow copy will be sent back to you, along with two blank request forms. If only a photocopy is sent to us we will not have a yellow copy to include with your shipment.

Rev. 8/01 mr