Welcome to Principles of Infectious Disease Epidemiology Online Training Course

The Principles of Epidemiology course was developed by epidemiologist within the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to introduce students to the core principles and concepts of epidemiological practices in the realm of public health.  This course covers basic epidemiology principles, concepts, and procedures useful in the surveillance and investigation of health-related states or events that pertain particularly to infectious disease.  The online modules serve as a precursor to the in-class course to help facilitate the basic understanding of the practices of public health and biostatistics.   Key concepts covered will be:

The on-line portion of the course consists of eight modules. Each module presents instructional information along with relevant exercises that apply and tests knowledge and skills gained during the module.  Attendees must receive a score of at least 80% on each module quiz and successful completion of all modules and the final quiz is required prior to attending the in-class course.

Attendees of the in-class course must bring a laptop computer with them to the class. iPhones, Tablets, and notebooks may not be used as they are not compatible with the computer segment of the classroom exercises.

*These trainings do not need to be taken in numerical order but we do recommend that you take Module I Introduction to Epidemiology first.*

For the best experience with these trainings, we recommend that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater. Trainings may not be fully compatible with other internet browsers, such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

Due to potential connectivity issues with the survey associated with the modules, it is recommended that you print the results page at the end of each module, before you click the survey link.


Contact Information

The following individuals are contacts who can discuss field specific questions you may have regarding the epidemiology content of the course:

Central District:
Drew Pratt 573-441-6242 Drew.Pratt@health.mo.gov
Kate Henschel 573-441-6235 Kathleen.Henschel@health.mo.gov
Heather Davenport 573-522-4442 Heather.Davenport@health.mo.gov

Eastern District:
Cindy Butler 314-877-2857 Cindy.Butler@health.mo.gov
Lina Chavez-Hauser 318-877-0237 Lina.ChavezHauser@health.mo.gov
Crystal Talley 314-877-2832 Crystal.Talley@health.mo.gov

Northwest District:
C. Jon Hinkle 816-632-7276 Cjon.Hinkle@health.mo.gov
Pat Franklin 816-350-5442 Patrick.Franklin@health.mo.gov
Gordon Watkins 816-350-5404 Gordon.Watkins@health.mo.gov

Southeast District:
Autumn Grim 573-290-5783 Autumn.Grim@health.mo.gov

Southwest District:
Nathan Koffarnus 417-895-6916 Nathan.Koffarnus@health.mo.gov
Doug Baker 417-895-6918 Douglas.Baker@health.mo.gov

Questions or problems with the online course should be directed to Diana Winder at Diana.Winder@health.mo.gov or (573) 526-5832.