HCBS Web Tool System Enhancements

June 2, 2017

Chapter 10 has been updated to include the changes to the HCBS Web Tool as a result of the enhancements on March 3, 2017.

Additional updates and clarifications include:

10.00 Web Tool – Introduction Updated information.
10.01 Web Tool – Icon Guide Updated description for the Edit/Close icon.
10.05 Web Tool – Initial Assessment Clarified use of the Physician Search as the preferred method to locate the participant’s physician. Updated the Case Activity button display.
10.10 Web Tool – Care Plan Change Changed wording to reflect copied care plans now display the next calendar day and services with future effective dates retain the future date.
10.15 Web Tool – Reassessment Deleted the information that outlined processes related to participants transitioning from LTACS.
10.20 Web Tool – Closing A Case Added language to clarify situations that require case closings. Updated the functionality of the Close Case icon on the Participant Case Summary screen. Added instruction on case closing when a participant no longer requires services in a pending status.

The revised policies have been posted to the HCBS Policy Manual located on the DHSS Internet at the following link  http://health.mo.gov/seniors/hcbs/hcbsmanual/index.php

Questions should be directed to the HCBS Systems and Data Reporting Unit by e-mail to DSDSWebTool@Health.mo.gov.