HCBS Web Tool System Enhancements

March 2, 2017

The following enhancements to the HCBS Web Tool have been completed and are scheduled for implementation on March 3, 2017:

Changes to the Case Line

  • The format of the case line on the Participant Case Summary and Case Activity screen will be changed to better meet the needs of the user. The updates include relabeling of the columns, and for closed case lines, the identification of the user who closed the case.

case items

Improved Navigation

  • Hyperlinks will be added to the bottom of the following screens to allow more efficient navigation within the system. The links will appear in bold and will be underlined on each screen.
    • At the bottom of the PreScreen, a link will be added to the Case Activity screen for all users.
    • At the bottom of the Assessment screen, links to the Participant Case Summary and Case Activity will be added for all users.
    • From the Case Activity screen, a second link to the Participant Case Summary screen will be added in the Case Notes section for all users.

Modifications to the Printed Care Plan

  • The modified version of the printed care plan will include a more easily understood format. Information not relevant to the care plan, such as special communication needs notes, physician information and Medicaid eligibility will be removed.
  • The printed care plan will be in a report format and will require new steps to enable printing.

    To print complete the following steps:
    • Select the print icon for the posted prior authorization in the case stages section of the Participant Case Summary screen. The care plan will display as a report.
    • From the ‘Select a format’ drop down, choose Acrobat (PDF) file.

case summary screen

save screen

    • Select open to display the care plan in a printable version. Print as normal using the tool bar at the top of the screen

Updates to 'Section M. Medication' of the interRAI-HC

  • Section M of the interRAI-HC will be updated to remove the requirement to enter each medication prescribed or supplement taken. New functionality in both questions M. 1 and M. 2 will display the number of medications/supplements taken rather than a list of medications/supplements taken.

Note: HCBS providers who participate in the reassessment process should review PM/VM-17-34 for information related to the completion of 'Section M. Medication' of the interRAI-HC.

Any questions regarding this memorandum should be directed to the HCBS Web Tool Project Management Unit at DSDSWebTool@Health.mo.gov.