Announcement of the HCBS Web Tool Internet Page

October 31, 2013

In a continued effort to support the use of the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Web Tool within CyberAccesssm, DSDS has developed a specific internet location to consolidate Web Tool information. Located at this site combines existing HCBS Web Tool information and will contain future HCBS Web Tool provider resources and communications.

Providers are encouraged to become familiar with the page in order to access HCBS Web Tool information when needs arise.

  • ‘Provider CyberAccesssm Enrollment’ organizes HCBS Web Tool information for providers new to HCBS. Included is a list of the Xerox Outreach Representatives.
  • Information related to password and computer settings is located on the ‘Account Maintenance/System Settings’ page.
  • Future DSDS provider communications related to HCBS Web Tool functionality will be posted in the ‘Web Tool Provider Communications’ section on this page. As with other provider memos, DSDS will use the current DSDS E-News link to alert providers to posted HCBS Web Tool Communications on the internet. In order to receive these alerts, HCBS providers must subscribe to DSDS E-News and keep their e-mail address current.
  • The ‘Resources’ page includes the HCBS Web Tool Instructional Guide for providers (a power point presentation) and the Web Tool icon guide.
    • Note -- The HCBS Web Tool ‘Reassessment Provider Guide’ located on the ‘Resources’ page is for utilization by only HCBS providers who have enrolled as a ‘27’ type of provider for the purposes of completing HCBS reassessments.
  • ‘Contact Information’ provides various resources.
  • Note -- As a reminder all Protected Health Information (PHI) exchanged between HCBS providers and other entities including DSDS must be in a secured manner i.e., encrypted e-mail.

    Any questions regarding this memorandum should be directed to the HCBS Web Tool Project Management Unit at .