Division of Senior and Disability Services (DSDS) provides training for new provider assessors to ensure consistent application of Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) policy related to reassessments.  HCBS reassessment providers are responsible for ensuring that all qualified assessors have participated in the reassessment training and passed the exam.

HCBS providers must be enrolled as a Medicaid provider type 27 with Missouri Medicaid Audit and Compliance (MMAC)Registering for provider reassessment training is required.  The provider agency must ensure assessors meet the qualifications and submit proof of qualification to DSDS prior to registering for training.  Email confirmation will be sent by DSDS upon reviewing of enrollment.

For additional information regarding reassessment training and dates, please view calendar.

For attendees who have been present for the entire training session, an exam is given at the conclusion of the training.  The only individuals permitted to test without attendance in the training session are those who have previously attended training and are present for the purpose of retesting. Training documentation must be maintained in the assessor’s personnel file and made available upon request.

HCBS providers shall ensure that all assessors receive and review DSDS updates of policy and procedure information regarding reassessments that is disseminated by DSDS through HCBS Policy Memos and Provider Memos.  To receive electronic notification of updates all HCBS providers are to subscribe to DSDS E-News.

For HCBS providers who choose to subcontract with another qualified entity, provider agency or individual assessor to complete participant reassessments, the following guidelines have been established by DSDS.  It is recommended that any HCBS provider who utilizes this option consult with their legal representative before finalizing the contract. 

  • Be enrolled as a Medicaid provider type 27 with MMAC.  The enrolled HCBS provider is responsible for billing MO HealthNet Division for the reassessment. 
  • Ensure the subcontracting entity is a qualified assessor and maintain proof of the assessor’s qualifications and training on-site for monitoring purposes.
  • Assign the participant reassessments to the subcontractor.  The assignments on SharePoint are only to be accessed by the enrolled HCBS provider.  Log in information shall not be shared with subcontractors.
  • The enrolled HCBS provider must ensure all Protected Health Information (PHI) is exchanged securely by utilizing Proofpoint or their own encryption software.
Note:  DSDS does not determine the reimbursement rate paid to the subcontractor.