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  • NEW Pursuant to 19 CSR 30-95.110(3), the department is not currently accepting physician certifications from Dr. Zinia Thomas.
  • NEW If Amendment 3 passes in November, it will require the Department to quickly make adjustments to the existing medical marijuana program and implement a new adult consumer program. Because of this, the Department will begin planning now for these potential changes. As was the case in implementing the medical marijuana program, the Department will accept and consider carefully public input on how the new law should be implemented in Missouri. Written comments should be submitted using the Amendment 3 Suggestions Form.
  • The Facility Licensee Renewal webpage is now available.
  • Updated Dispensary Facility draft rule revisions are now available.
  • Caregiver Digital Card Additions: As of October 1, 2021, caregiver digital cards will include the patient license number and the patient barcode, in place of the patient name. These additions promote accuracy in verification of the associated patient during caregiver sales at dispensaries and protects personal identifiable information of patients. Current licensed caregivers are encouraged to print an updated version of their digital card from the registration portal. Click here for guidance on downloading your license. For more information on caregivers, visit the FAQ page.