The Department of Health and Senior Services has completed its review of all medical marijuana facility applications. The results of this review are listed below. Applications designated as "Approved" have been offered a medical marijuana facility certification and have been given five days to confirm acceptance of that certification. Notifications of approval have been sent to the email addresses of the individual who created the user account in the Medical Marijuana Registry Portal, the individual listed in the application as the Primary Contact, and at least one other individual identified in the application. Applications designated as “Denied” have not been offered a certification. Denials are issued for several reasons, including failure to meet minimum qualification, the results of an analysis for substantial common control, the results of application scoring, or application withdrawal. Notifications of application denial have been sent to the individual who created the application in the Medical Marijuana Registry Portal.

The department will be releasing copies of all facility application scoring sheets. Scoring sheets may be found at the link below and are posted by Facility ID number. Individuals interested in the scores for a particular application should refer to the “Key” document for the relevant facility type to determine that applicant’s Facility ID. Note the Facility ID listed is not necessarily the same Facility ID created by the applicant. The score sheets reflect the scores before any adjustments were made per 19 CSR 30-95.025(4)(C)6-8. The scoring scales, weights, and conversion factors applied in these scoring sheets can all be found here: Facility License Application Questions and Scoring Criteria - (updated 05/31/19).

Facility Scoring Sheets: