Who is required to have a background screening?

  • Facility Directors
  • Facility Owners
  • Board President or Chairperson
  • Group or Family Home Provider
  • All employees of the provider
  • Any person, including volunteers, counted in the child/staff ratio
  • Adult household members of family home provider

What types of background screenings are required?

  • Missouri Child abuse and neglect screening
  • Missouri Criminal history record check

The Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) is one tool that is available to provide the screening; however, its use is not mandated.

Background Screening Review Program

A finding on the background screening may exclude an individual from working in licensed child care facilities. Certain offenses committed under Missouri statutes require individuals to apply for a Background Screening Review so the department can make a determination about employment eligibility. This application process is initiated by the licensed provider’s background screening request with details generated on the finding.

Questions about the Background Screening Review can be directed to the Family Care Safety Registry, (866) 422-6872.