Inclusion Services

What Is Inclusive Child Care?

An inclusive child care program is dedicated to giving the best early care and education possible to ALL children by making sure every child, including children with special needs, feels welcome and important. Inclusion teaches children and adults some great life lessons in accepting others and ourselves as unique individuals with unique strengths and needs.

How Do I Find an Inclusive Child Care Program?

Although there are some child care facilities that specialize in caring for children with special needs, most facilities are not specialized. You can call United 4 Children at 800-467-2322 or visit United 4 Children for help finding a suitable program. These services are provided through funding from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Training And Professional Development

The Missouri Workshop Calendar lists training opportunities available statewide. The calendar features tabs that allow you to browse approved on-demand training (online and distance learning) as well as approved national and regional conferences. For questions regarding professional development opportunities that may not be listed on the calendar, call the Section for Child Care Regulation at 573-751-2450 or email In addition to training listed on the calendar, training conducted by Child Care Health Consultants who operate out of the Local Public Health Agencies is also approved through December 31, 2014. After that time, all approved training will be required to be published on the Missouri Workshop Calendar.


Child Care

Contact Child Care Aware® of Missouri for assistance locating child care. Child Care Aware® of Missouri coordinates activities with four regional agencies statewide. Child Care Aware® of Missouri staff assist families in locating child care through referrals to local child care providers. Contact Child Care Aware® of Missouri at 800-200-9017.