Rule Updates

The following charts provide an overview of the rule changes that became effective February 28, 2021. The charts only highlight rules that were removed and new (or amended) rules. Child care providers and assistants are required to follow all regulations and are responsible for reviewing and being knowledgeable of all licensing rules. Full text of the regulations by provider type can be found under the Regulations section above.


Certain child care facilities are not required to obtain a child care license from the Department of Health and Senior Services. Additionally, programs that are exempt do not fall under our full regulatory authority. To document the exemption, these programs may file a Program Evaluation Questionnaire (DC-20) with the Department in order to obtain an exemption assessment. The exemption process is reviewed in our central office.

Exemptions are set forth in Missouri Statute, 210.211, RSMo. Anyone who is caring for six or fewer children, including a maximum of three children under the age of two, at the same physical address is not required to be licensed and does not have to report he/she is providing child care. For the purposes of this subdivision, children who live in the caregiver’s home and who are eligible for enrollment in public kindergarten, elementary, or high school shall not be considered in the total number of children being cared for.

Other programs such as nursery schools and programs operated under the exclusive control of a religious organization are license-exempt. Programs such as these, under the exemptions stated in 210.211 RSMo, should file a Program Evaluation Questionnaire (DC-20) provided to the Department so an exemption assessment can be made.