The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention and Awareness Program within DHSS has resources for health care providers through its assessment and counseling forms, as well as ATOD educational brochures. Tools to document assessment of drug-exposed pregnancies, as well as to document counseling regarding the dangers of prenatal alcohol, tobacco, and drug use are available in downloadable form.

Educational Tools


Lifelike manikins representing Caucasian and African American infants with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, prenatal drug exposure, and normal characteristics are available at no cost through 30 community placement sites statewide for use in educational outreach. They are ideal for teaching classes, and come with a kit of instructions. For information regarding how to borrow the manikins, contact us.

CHAPTER 191.725-191.745, RSMo., views substance abuse during pregnancy as a disease and focuses on getting women into a system of care. It mandates assessment and counseling of all pregnant women regarding the effects of substance abuse in pregnancy, identifying pregnant women who are chemically dependent and providing priority for treatment and service coordination, addressing education needs of health care providers, and assessing the extent of prenatal substance abuse in Missouri. 


Free downloadable form to assist health care providers in assessing a pregnant woman’s use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.  This is also available in Spanish.  To view and/or download this form, link to MCFH-4S


Free downloadable form for documentation that a pregnant woman has received counseling about the dangers of prenatal alcohol, tobacco and drug use.  This is also available in Spanish. To view and/or download this form, link to MCFH-3S.

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Additional Information

Share the American Academy of Pediatrics video with your patients to help them understand that alcohol and pregnancy is just not worth the risk.