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FreshLIFE Enjoy a Salad Today is a marketing campaign for middle and high schools offering salad bars. Like its sister program for elementary schools, Rainbow Days, FreshLIFE’s mission is to promote salad bars to students and to market school lunch programs. Salad bars are popular among many students, including those from diverse grade levels, soccer player socio-economic status and ethnic backgrounds. Salad bars can also improve the image of the school meal program in the eyes of the community, which promotes student participation.

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Marketing Events for Salad Bars Show an Increase in Student Participation


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High school students had this to say about which food items would encourage them to eat from their school’s salad bar more often:

We loved this event! We predicted the elementary level would enjoy Raibow Days more than the high school would enjoy FreshLIFE - We were wrong! High School students loved this event - they were excited and have since requested many of the items they tried on the day of FreshLIFE!
- Michele Hoover, Maysville Jr./Sr. High School Maysville RI

I think they could eat strawberries and kiwi everyday!
- Patti Musick, Worth County RIII High

We all know how hard it is to impress HS students! They were impressed. They are still asking for different veggies they tried that day. We let them request a new item each week as a result of this program.
- Michelle Hoover, Stewartsville

"We loved this event! We predicted the elementary level would enjoy Rainbow Days more than the high school would enjoy FreshLIFE - We were wrong! High School students loved this event - they were excited and have since requested many of the items they tried on the day of FreshLIFE! "

"I think they could eat Strawberries and Kiwi every day!"

"Meats – because it holds taste a lot better."

"Fresh fruits – because (they) taste better."

"Different salad dressing because some people don’t like ranch."

"Peppers because it gives salad more of a taste."

"Grapes and strawberries because they are juicy and lots of flavor."

"Blueberries – my favorite berry and oranges."

"Blackberries because that might be something some people haven’t tried before."

"Lettuce should be fresh not soggy and black."

"Fresh peaches are better than canned peaches."

"A lot of people like watermelon."

"Bananas – they are more filling than small cups of fruit."

"Kiwi – healthy and different than the normal fruit bar choices."

"More selection because it’s always the same thing."

"Sliced apples because they are easier to eat."

"Salad you can taste – I like to taste my food."

"Fresh tomatoes – some tomatoes have no flavor."

"Boiled egg for protein and flavor."

"Oranges cut up – it’s easier, because we don’t have to spend half of our lunch peeling it."

Participating in the FreshLIFE campaign is a matter of completing steps 1-2-3.


Enroll now! One enrollment form for each middle or high school site.


Market the FreshLIFE Campaign. Download and customize a flyer. Post and share flyer with administration, teachers, staff and students. FreshLIFE Flyer New


Plan for a variety of produce using the FreshLIFE Produce Guide. From the ordinary to extra-ordinary produce, ordering and preparing the salad bar menu are essential steps. Download this one page guide to help plan for the day and offer new foods for students to try. FreshLIFE Produce Guide


Registered schools will receive educational supplies promoting breakfast, healthy beverages and snacks for teens plus additional incentives including four cafeteria posters, salad bar signage, visors for cafeteria staff and a $200 stipend to help defray food costs.

NEW! Missouri’s Team Nutrition Program wishes to learn if organized marketing events of school salad bars have an impact on the attitudes and awareness of students towards fruits and vegetables. There are two parts to the survey: a pre- survey and a post-survey with a classroom section and food service section. Each registered middle/high school site should complete the survey at least two (2) weeks before the FreshLIFE event and two weeks after the event. Schools will receive the surveys along with the marketing supplies. Thank you to our schools for participating!


FreshLIFE Events Testimonials/Comments

This is our second year to be able to have the FreshLife Event. As soon as the posters went up this time the students & staff were asking about it. It has become a very popular event in our school. We are going to try to have 'larger' salad bar days at our school next year as often as we can to help keep the excitement of FreshLife going!
- Jeanna McMillan, Ralls R2

We did not have students interested in a salad bar until we held this event! We actually had enough vegetables and fruit to serve 2 days. And now, we plan to start having salad bar available on a bi-weekly basis the remainder of this school year. Thank you for the $ to get the students excited and on board to fresh salad bar items
- Patti Turner, Kirbyville MS

I cannot express how excited the students were! This was an awesome opportunity for them and the students were extremely excited about the variety of choices. Upon encouragement, most tried items they normally would pass by on any other day. . . the event was a HUGE success!
- Joyce Fischer, Bowling Green R1 MS and HS

This was a great event! Our students loved it as well as our staff. Our cooks even took around a few samples and encouraged the students to try something new. It was very exciting day!
- Terry Atteberry, Eldon Middle School, Eldon School District


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