Literature Review

Brian Hensel, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia, completed a comprehensive review of existing literature to inform development of a general thematic message and supporting sub messages for the media campaign, educational materials, and grassroots partners. Grounded in empirically based health communication theory, this research examined knowledge, beliefs, and social norms in the target market or general population related to the targeted health and health care behaviors. It also examined individual-level perceived self-efficacy or confidence in achieving these behaviors, recognizing the additional disproportionate structural barriers such as lack of health insurance that many members of the target market face. Additionally, several research-supported message strategies are recommended along with media and grassroots message channels utilized by the target market. The executive summary and full report can be found above.

Telephone Survey

The University of Missouri-Columbia, Center for Advance Social Research (CASR) conducted a telephone survey (March 2007) to determine what key factors, message strategies and communication channels are most likely to reach and affect Missouri’s target audience. The questionnaire was designed based on findings from the literature review. The telephone survey was conducted with 400 adults, selected randomly from the target audience. Findings from the telephone survey complement the information gained from the literature review and focus groups for the overall campaign design. The executive summary and full analysis of the survey responses has been compiled by Brian Hensel.