Every day, Missourians see and hear dozens of messages about their health. While these messages are often clever and convincing, they frequently contribute to confusion about healthy behaviors. The Live Well Message Alliance strives to serve as an accurate source of health information.

Focusing on the theme Live Like Your Life Depends On It, the alliance hopes to motivate Missourians to make healthy choices. Research shows that people who take steps to protect their health can often avoid or delay the onset of many chronic diseases and live a longer and healthier life.

The messages and information on this web site and other recommended web sites, as well as a variety of public education materials developed by the alliance, promote healthy eating, increased physical activity, tobacco-free living, regular health screenings for the early detection of disease and other healthy behaviors.

The messages focus on adults 45 years and older since they are at higher risk for chronic diseases or already have a chronic medical condition, but the information is appropriate for Missourians of all ages, especially younger adults who are interested in improving their health or have a family history that puts them at higher risk for a chronic health condition.

The impact of health problems caused by chronic diseases is huge in Missouri. The good news is that those at risk or who have a chronic disease often can prevent or control these problems by practicing healthy behaviors and by taking an active role in managing their disease. The alliance believes that with the right information and support, Missourians can make smart lifestyle choices and live like their life depends on it.