Training Module One: ShowMeVax Login and Homepage

This module instructs users on how to properly login and how to navigate through the homepage. Module One >>

Training Module Two: ShowMeVax Client Search and Registration

This module instructs users on how to effectively search for a client and register the individual. Module Two >>

Training Module Three: Vaccine Inventory

This module instructs users how to manage a facility’s vaccine inventory. Module Three >>

Training Module Four: Immunizations

This module will instruct users on how to view a client’s immunization schedule; enter new and historical client immunization information; edit and print client immunization records and add immunization related medical alerts. Module Four >>

Training Module Five: VFC Vaccine Ordering System

This module is for Vaccines for Children providers only. It will instruct them on how to complete and submit their monthly accountability reports and order vaccine online. Module Five >>

Training Module Six: Data Warehouse Reports

This module instructs authorized users on how to properly create and print reports for their facilities. Module Six >>

Training Module Seven: For Pharmacies Only

This module instructs pharmacy users on how to effectively utilize the ShowMeVax application for searching and registering new clients and how to enter immunizations and related medical alerts. Module Seven >>