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Activity & Nutrition Tool Kit

Health care providers play a crucial role in promoting healthy eating and physical activity habits among our population. Almost two-thirds of Missouri adults are overweight or obese. At the same time only 17.6% received advice about their weight from a doctor, nurse, or other health professional indicating a need for resources for providers to address this issue with their patients.

A collaborative team of Missouri health care leaders called upon their experiences with addressing the growing obesity epidemic to determine what resources to include in this tool kit.  Leaders represented health plans, academic medical centers, physician practices and other health care providers, including advance practice nurses and dietitians.

How will this tool kit impact your practice?

This tool kit proposes a model for the assessment and treatment of obesity in clinical practice, including assessment of risk factors for obesity, recommending lifestyle and behavior modifications and instituting pharmacologic therapy or surgery when appropriate. The tool kit resources summarize recommendations from the scientific literature and expert work groups related to adult obesity. 

Thank you for joining MoCAN’s efforts to reverse obesity trends by utilizing these resources developed by health care providers for health care providers.

The Adult Tool Kit contains the following valuable resources:

All toolkit resources in pdf file (.pdf) format

The complete tool kit is also available for download.