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The next phase of Missouri's response to COVID-19


Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly COVID-19 report – details about the metrics

COVID-19 Community Levels

The first two maps reflect the COVID-19 Community Levels as defined by the CDC. These thresholds are calculated using a combination of total case rates and hospitalization metrics. The “County COVID-19 Community Levels” map mirrors the map found on the CDC’s website and colors each county by its COVID-19 community level. The “Regional COVID-19 Community Levels” illustrates the same thresholds at a regional scope. Hovering over each region will give the COVID-19 community level, the number of new COVID-19 cases per 100k, the number of new COVID-19 admissions per 100k, and the percent of staffed beds occupied with COVID-19 patients.


Hospitalization data comes from the federal data source TeleTracking. Users can choose between seeing the number of COVID-19 hospitalized patients or the number of COVID-19 ICU patients by day. The dark purple represents daily counts while the light purple line represents the 7-day moving average. Users can use the slider above the graph to change the displayed date range to their desired timeframe. Please note that hospitals were required to submit data to TeleTracking beginning in July of 2020. For hospitalization data prior to this, please submit a data request. COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients reflects the combined number of adult and pediatric patients currently hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed or suspected COVID-19. COVID-19 ICU Patients reflects the combined number of adult and pediatric patients currently hospitalized in an ICU bed who have laboratory-confirmed or suspected COVID-19.

Cases and Deaths

The first three graphics all illustrate the total number of COVID-19 cases (both confirmed and probable) in the most recent 7 day window in various breakouts. For details about case definitions, please visit the CDC’s website. The bolded number at the top gives the statewide total number of cases. The bar graph below displays total case rates by various age groups. Hovering over the bars will give the total count of cases for each group and its percent share of total cases. The map illustrates total case rates per 100k by jurisdiction of residence. Hovering over each county gives the total number of cases as well as the total case rate.

The two bar charts in the second half of the section show total COVID-19 cases by week and total COVID-19 deaths (both confirmed and probable) by week since the beginning of the pandemic. Hovering over each bar will give detailed counts for each week. Data on COVID-19 Cases and Deaths comes from Missouri’s electronic disease surveillance system, EpiTrax.


The virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, is constantly changing and mutating. Understanding the timing of each variant helps provide context for surges in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. This section displays how SARS-CoV-2 variants have evolved over time in Missouri. The colored stacked bar chart displays the weekly prevalence of each lineage found in test samples. Choosing a week from the drop-down moves the gray reference line in the colored graph and populates the table to show what percent of samples each relevant lineage made up. All variant data comes from EpiTrax.


Visit the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker for comprehensive data on COVID-19 vaccinations.