Businesses, corporations, schools and many other organizations throughout the U.S. will hold events in recognition of Denim Day. There are no set standards for participation. Each organization can plan an event that meets their needs. Some will allow employees and students to wear denim for the day in exchange for a pledge to support a local rape prevention awareness organization or local shelter. Others may simply provide materials to all employees, (i.e. lapel pins or payroll notices).

All organizations are encouraged to register their events regardless of organization size or level of participation.


We invite you to join organizations around the country in this very important initiative. The process is easy:

  1. Simply complete the registration form and return it to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) by fax or email.

    If Missouri event - registration form
    If state other than Missouri - registration form

  2. Promote Denim Day at your location, utilizing the free materials found under "Downloads". If you are a Missouri business or organization, the Missouri DHSS Office on Women's Health will furnish lapel pins, flyers and posters for your event.

Event Materials

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) has the following items available for download. Follow all required guidelines for logo usage. For all items, visit the downloads area. Feel free to contact DHSS with any questions or for additional promotional item ideas.

  • Denim Day Logo
  • Denim Day Flyer
  • Denim Day Pin Card
  • Denim Day Poster
  • Denim Day Jeopardy
    A PowerPoint Jeopardy game created for Denim Day. You must run it as a slideshow to play the game. Go to the View Tab and select Slideshow. Once the slideshow appears, click on the Denim Day logo to start the game. Select the dollar amounts and the question will appear. To reveal the answer click on the Denim Day logo this will be on each of the pages. The game will start on LOGO – for $100.00 and it will take you down the column and then on to the next column until you get to the last question of GRAB BAG – for $500.00. If you would like to go back to the grid after every question, right click and select “Go To – Slide 2”.