Available for downloading:


File formats of the logo can be found on this Web site. The EPS format is the best quality for printing materials and should be sent to printers. If you do not have desktop publishing software you will not be able to open the EPS file.

Strictly adhere to these guidelines when using the Denim Day logo:

  • DO NOT print logo without copyright information (©2007 MU).
  • DO NOT remove appropriate attribution of ownership from logo (©2007 MU).
  • DO NOT alter the logo color scheme.
  • DO NOT redraw or modify elements of the logo.
  • DO NOT pinch, distort, or stretch the logo.

The Denim Day logo colors are as follows:

  • Pantone White C
  • Pantone 186 C
  • Pantone 2995 C
  • Pantone 2703 C
  • Pantone 2612 C

Denim Day Logo (EPS file)< /a>
Denim Day Logo (JPEG file)


The Denim Day logo is a copyright of the University of Missouri and all copyright laws apply. The Denim Day logo should be included, with proper identification (©2007 MU), on all materials used for educational and promotional efforts as they relate to the national rape awareness initiative (Denim Day). No pin or any item with the Denim Day logo may be sold for profit without prior permission from the University of Missouri, Textile and Apparel Management Department, 137 Stanley Hall, Columbia, MO 65211-7317, telephone 573.882.7317.