November 18, 2013 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: Oral Health Program
SUBJECT 2: One Year Certification Implementation Date Change
SUBJECT 3: Affordable Care Act-Breastfeeding and WIC Webinar
SUBJECT 4: Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite Program
SUBJECT 5: Changes to NeoCate Infant DHA/ARA
SUBJECT 6: FFY13 Year End WIC Invoice Deadline

  1. Oral Health Program: Oral decay, or cavities, is the leading preventable disease among school-age children and is five times more prevalent than asthma. Pregnancy increases a woman’s risk of gum disease, and untreated decay or gum disease can be passed from parent to baby. Oral decay can be prevented through good oral hygiene, healthy food and beverage choices, and regular dental visits. The Missouri Oral Health Program strives to improve the oral health of all Missourians. One way to accomplish this goal is through educational outreach. The Missouri Oral Health Program is pleased to partner with the WIC program by providing free oral health products and educational materials. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss are available to distribute to WIC participants during the oral health portion of their clinic visits. Additionally, the Oral Health Program has several new educational products such as: 5 Steps for a Healthy Smile (bookmark), Don’t forget to Brush (mirror cling), Oral Health is Overall Health (rack card), and Show-Me Healthy Smiles for Healthy Life (rack card). Please use the Community Intervention Program Supply Order Form to request the free supplies. If you have any questions, you may contact Sharlet Kroll with the Office of Primary Care and Rural Health at (ONE ATTACHMENT)

  2. One Year Certification Implementation Date Change: The State WIC office has decided to not implement the one year certification on January 6, 2014 as planned. As you know in July, 2013 we revised the Nutrition Assessment process in MOWINS. The new Nutrition Assessment has created some challenges in some agencies. There is a team of State and Local Agency staff who is addressing these challenges. The results of that Committee’s work will affect the one year cert nutrition assessment process. So there is as little disruption as possible in the WIC clinics, we thought it best to implement the 1 year cert at a later date. If you have questions, please contact your district TA nutritionist.

  3. Affordable Care Act-Breastfeeding and WIC Webinar: Learn about Affordable Care Act basics as they apply to breastfeeding coverage and preventive services, and how to be a resource for WIC participants.

    • Understand key components about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and women’s health coverage.
    • Identify the coverage of women’s preventive health services and the requirement to provide breastfeeding support and supplies.
    • Learn how they can be a resource for ACA info for WIC participants

    Speaker: Anna Benyo, Senior Health Policy Analyst, National Women’s Law Center. Anna works to advance the goals of the Affordable Care Act at the state level to register, click on the following link

  4. Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite Program: The MO DHSS in collaboration with the Missouri Breastfeeding Coalition have developed the “Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite Program. The purpose of this initiative is to educate employers on the value of providing lactation support in the workplace and to recognize businesses that support their breastfeeding employees. For additional information, program brochure, application and other resources go to the MO DHSS website at Contact Kathy Mertzlufft, State Breastfeeding Coordinator, by email at or by phone at 573-526-4792 with any questions.

  5. Changes to NeoCate Infant DHA/ARA - Effective December 2, 2013: A new description for NeoCate Infant DHA/ARA in MOWINS will be implemented on Monday, December 2, 2013, as Nutricia made the following changes:


    Old Can

    New Can

    Can Size

    14 OZ

    14.1 OZ

    Yield/Volume per Can

    >> 85 OZ

    >> 97 OZ

    UPC Number

    No Change

    No Change

    Please see the attachment for:

    • New description
    • New maximum monthly allowances

    To determine your participants who are on this formula, please use the “Extra Formula - Redistribution List report in Crystal. It is located under "WIC Reports - Local Agency>food/formula".

    Please share the information with all your staff and participants who are receiving this formula. If you have any questions or need additional information about this formula, please feel free to contact Takako Tagami at (ONE ATTACHMENT)

  6. FFY 2013 End-of-Year Invoicing due December 10, 2013: The deadline for submission of FFY 2013 end-of-year invoices is Monday, December 10, 2013. Expenses must have been incurred prior to October 1, 2013 to qualify for the FFY 2013 funding year. The grant year will close the end of December and payments beyond this date are not possible.
    SUPPLEMENTAL Invoice due 12-10-2013 - ABSOLUTE DEADLINE

    Please contact your District Technical Assistance staff if you need assistance. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Weiler at 573-526-7901, or 800-392-8209, or

Oral Health Community Intervention Program Supply Order Form Sept 2013
NEOCATE INFANT DHA ARA (Max Monthly Allowances Chart) Effective 12-02-13
NeoCate Infant DHA ARA Simplified Mixing 11-15-13