November 12, 2013 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: Upcoming Holidays
SUBJECT 2: Breastfeeding Literature
SUBJECT 3: National WIC Association’s (NWA) 2014 Calendars
SUBJECT 4: WIC and Nutrition Coordinator Training
SUBJECT 6: WIC Record Destruction
SUBJECT 7: MOWINS Release 2.19

  1. Upcoming Holidays: The state WIC office will close on the following holidays: November 28 and 29, 2013 for Thanksgiving; December 25, 2013 for Christmas; and January 1, 2014 for New Years Day.
    If you have questions, please contact Mark Davis at or 573-526-5323 or 800-392-8209.

  2. Breastfeeding Literature: Some of the breastfeeding handouts that were only available for download are now available in the MO DHSS Warehouse in English and Spanish. Below are the part numbers, title and quantity per unit.

    #28  Breastfeeding: Sore Nipples (English/Spanish)    25/pad
    #29  Breastfeeding: Hand Expression (English/Spanish)    25/pad
    #267  Breastfeeding: Engorgement (English/Spanish)    50/pad
    #568  Breastfeeding: Enough Milk (English)    50/pad
    #569  Breastfeeding: Enough Milk (Spanish)    25/pad

    There are still some “Sore Nipples” and “Hand Expression” handouts in the warehouse in English only. Once those are depleted, the new handouts will have English on one side and Spanish on the other. To view a PDF of these handouts go to If you have any questions about breastfeeding literature please contact Kathy Mertzlufft at or by phone at 573-526-4792.

  3. National WIC Association’s (NWA) 2014 Calendars: The DHSS warehouse began shipping the 2014 NWA calendars to local WIC providers on November 12, 2013. If your agency does not receive the calendars by Friday, November 15, 2013, please contact Takako Tagami at

  4. WIC and Nutrition Coordinator Training: All modules of the Combined Nutrition/WIC Coordinator training have been converted to e-Learning courses. The link to the training is and is included in the listing of e-Learning trainings. These trainings can be taken at any time. Staff who complete all 11 modules should send an e-mail to Debby Hanlon ( and Rose Sipakati ( letting them know the online modules have been completed.

    When at least 10 LWP Nutrition Coordinators/WIC Coordinators have completed all modules, a Customer Service presentation (the last module of the training) will be conducted through a conference call/Adobe Connect meeting. In addition, a Q&A session will be held during this call to discuss any questions you may have regarding these modules, or other areas related to your role as a Coordinator. The total time for the call will not exceed 2 hours. Upon completion of the conference call, certificates of completion will be issued.

    If you have any questions, please contact Rose or Debby by e-mail or by calling 800-392-8209.

  5. MOWINS Hot Topics: Previously in the October 15th WIC Updates the WIC Help Desk introduced a new resource: MOWINS Hot Topics. The first MOWINS Hot Topics session will be Friday, November 22, 2013 from 8:30 am to 10:30 am and will feature Formula Issuance as related to the Direct Ship function in MOWINS and extra formula. It will consist of a live webinar with a conference call. MOWINS Hot Topics sessions are open to all LWP staff, but space is limited, and registration is required. Please be aware that multiple staff members in an agency can participate, but should complete only one registration and participate using only one phone line. Once a registration is completed a confirmation will be sent within 48 business hours providing additional details. Please note a computer with a network connection is necessary to participate. Future dates and topics for the MOWINS Hot Topic sessions will be posted on the MOWINS webpage and the link to register can be accessed here.

    Also, we would like to hear from you. Please click here to submit topics for future MOWINS Hot Topic sessions.

    Please direct questions regarding MOWINS Hot Topics to the WIC Help Desk via e-mail at or by calling 800-554-2544.

  6. WIC Record Destruction: Attached is the current letter on audit closure and WIC record destruction for records from Federal Fiscal Year 2008 (through September 30, 2008) and older, unless prohibited from doing so by other state or local restrictions. At the time of destruction all audits should be closed and there should be no outstanding related findings or issues. Please refer to WIC Operations Manual (WOM) ER # 1.06000 on Local WIC Provider Record Retention and Destruction. That policy will direct you on how to properly destroy WIC records and document the destruction. It will also provide you with a link to state law that covers records that your agency’s legal counsel or governing body have determined to be medical records. Please contact your district administrative technical assistance staff with any questions. (ONE ATTACHMENT)

  7. MOWINS Release 2.19: The next release to MOWINS production will be 2.19 and is scheduled for Monday, January 6, 2014. Some of the changes you will see with this release will be the elimination of pending proof, 1 year child certifications, and month-to-month issuance (required). There are other enhancements as well as defect fixes.

    Live webinars are scheduled in order to get the release information out to everyone. There are three (3) dates set with two (2) sessions on each day. There will be a conference call in number (phone) as well as a live webinar (computer). The phone lines are unlimited so there is no limit on how many agencies/staff can call in for them. If your agency has multiple staff members, you can attend one (1) session or you can attend multiple sessions. Please complete one (1) registration form for each session. All dates/sessions contain the same information. An e-mail was sent on 11/12 to all agency coordinators. Please refer to that e-mail for the link to the registration. If you have any questions, please contact

WIC Audit Closure Letter 2013