December 23, 2013 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: Updated WOM Policies-Pending Proof Change
SUBJECT 2: Customer Services Notes for WIC from Learning Dynamics
SUBJECT 3: Shipping Notification - WIC Nutrition Assessment Forms and Medical Documentation Form

  1. Updated WOM Policies-Pending Proof Change: USDA recently approved three updated WOM polices: 3.01800, Residency Requirements; 3.02000, Income Assessment and Documentation; and 3.03850, Proof of Identity. These policies (attached) were changed to not allow participants that do not have proof of residency, income or identity at certification and recertification appointments to receive one month of food benefits, pending showing these proofs. If the participant does not have any of these proofs, WIC benefits will not be issued and their certification appointment may be rescheduled.
    These policies will go into effect on January 6, 2014 and will be posted on the WOM site, the same day.

    Please contact your Technical Assistance (TA) staff if you have questions regarding these policies. (THREE ATTACHMENTS)

  2. Customer Services Notes for WIC from Learning Dynamics: Attached is the latest issue of “Customer Service Notes for WIC.” This issue discusses going above and beyond to provide stellar service to participants and co-workers. (ONE ATTACHMENT)

  3. Shipping Notification - WIC Nutrition Assessment Forms and Medical Documentation Form: The DHSS warehouse will begin shipping the following forms to all local WIC providers on December 23, 2013:
    WIC Nutrition Assessment Forms (WIC 35, WIC 36, WIC 37)
    Medical Documentation Form (WIC 27)

    If your agency does not receive the forms by December 27, 2013 and/or have a question, please contact Takako Tagami at During the week of January 6, 2014, all local WIC Coordinators will receive an order survey for additional forms.

ER 3.01800 Residency Requirements
ER 3.02000 Income Assessment and Documentation
ER 3.03850 Proof of Identity
WIC Tips for December 2013