March 12, 2012 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: Direct and Agency-to-Agency Shipping of Formula
SUBJECT 2: Revised Procedures for Shipping Extra Formula from Agency to Agency
SUBJECT 3: Revised Breastfeeding Handout
SUBJECT 4: Workplace Support for Nursing Women
SUBJECT 5: Updated WIC/Breastfeeding Resource Supply Request form (WIC-8)

  1. Direct and Agency-to-Agency Shipping:  The State WIC Office would like to remind Local WIC provider staff about formulas requiring direct shipping or agency-to-agency shipping arrangements. As a reminder:

    • Please call 800-392-8209 for formulas requiring direct ship or agency-to-agency shipping arrangement.
    • The State office nutritionist will take direct ship calls until 4:00 p.m.  All formula calls after 4:00 will be handled the following day.
    • The most current WIC 27 must be scanned into MOWINS before a formula shipping order is made.
    • Direct shipping orders should not be made until 3 weeks prior to first date to use on the participant FIs.
    • Formula ordered through direct shipment or agency-to-agency shipping needs the shipping slip or WIC 80 scanned into MOWINS.  When no other WIC foods are issued (this includes instances when the formula issued is from on hand stock), notify to receive the participant count.  

  2. Revised Procedures for Shipping Extra Formula from Agency to Agency: The REVISED following steps in shipping extra formula from Agency to Agency will be as follows:
    A.   State Office (Ellen Whittington) will go online to UPS and create a “RETURN SHIPMENT” label.
    B.   Once the label has been made, Ellen will also send a follow up call/email to the LWP.
    C.   LWP will no longer be “downloading” labels sent to you by the staff at the State Office. UPS will be bringing the label with them at the time they pick up the package.
    D.   If there are any questions or concerns please contact for assistance.

    UPS will attempt to pick up the package and put the label on it three times. After the third attempt, the procedure must start all over. There should not be any reason for failed attempts under this process.

  3. Revised Breastfeeding Handout: The handout titled, “Breastfeeding and Sore Nipples” has been revised and is located on the WIC website. This handout is only available for download. ¬†Feel free to print and share with breastfeeding mothers as needed. If you have any question about this handout or other breastfeeding materials that are available please contact Kathy Mertzlufft at 573-526-4792 or by email at

  4. Workplace Support for Nursing Women: The Office on Women’s Health is creating an online searchable resource to feature creative ways to support employees who are nursing their babies. If you are aware of a business that has found solutions for time constraints and private space for nursing employees that comply with the Federal nursing break law, please share the story to showcase the company’s success. If you have any questions contact Kathy Mertzlufft at 573-526-4792 or by email at

  5. Updated WIC/Breastfeeding Resource Supply Request form (WIC-8): The WIC 8 form has been updated and is available through the WIC website. If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please feel free to contact