April 9, 2012 WIC Update

SUBJECT 1: WIC Cost Containment Resources - Important!
SUBJECT 2: Cost Containment Instructions for MOWINS - Important!
SUBJECT 3: New Breastfeeding Handout
SUBJECT 4: Emerging Leaders in MCH Nutrition Training Institute
SUBJECT 5: Continuing Education Opportunity
SUBJECT 6: National Screen-Free Week, April 30-May 6, 2012
SUBJECT 8: FFY 2013 LAP Training Registration

  1. WIC Cost Containment Resources: Important! - Information about WIC Cost Containment Resources is listed on the attached sheet. Please share with your staff. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Takako Tagami at Takako.Tagami@health.mo.gov. (FIVE ATTACHMENTS)

  2. Cost Containment Instructions for MOWINS: Important! - The 2012 WIC Cost containment actions will be implemented on Monday, April 16, 2012. Attached are the instructions for MOWINS changes. It is important to share with all WIC staff. Staff must be logged off MOWINS by 5:00 PM, Saturday, April 14, 2012 in order to receive the food item updates on Monday, April 16, 2011. If you have any questions, please contact the WIC Help Desk at 1-800-554-2544 or Melissa Seaver at Melissa.seaver@health.mo.gov (ONE ATTACHMENT)

  3. New Breastfeeding Handout: A new handout has been developed on Hand Expression. It is available for download at http://health.mo.gov/living/families/wic/wiclwp/pdf/HandExpression.pdf. Please feel free to print and provide to participants as needed. This handout will not be available in the MO DHSS warehouse. If you have any questions about this handout or other breastfeeding literature, please contact Kathy Mertzlufft at Kathy.Mertzlufft@health.mo.gov or by phone at 573-526-4792.

  4. Emerging Leaders in MCH Nutrition Training Institute: We received this from the Association of State & Territorial Public Health Nutrition Directors (ASTPHND). They are requesting help in identifying emerging Maternal and Child Health (MCH)/public health nutritionists to participate in the Emerging Leaders in MCH Nutrition Training Institute. Do you know a nutritionist that is employed with a state or local public health agency or in a community-based program that you feel will be a future nutrition leader in the field of MCH/public health nutrition? To qualify for the program, the nutritionist must meet following qualifications:

    • Be identified as an emerging nutrition leader, which is defined as someone who has been employed as a community/public health nutritionist for not less than four and not more than ten years;
    • A Registered Dietitian or licensed/certified nutritionist/dietitian;
    • Works in the area of MCH within a state or local public health agency or a community-based organization;
    • Works in a state or territory east of the Rocky Mountains; and,
    • Demonstrated leadership at work, within a professional organization or in the community.

    Please encourage future nutrition leaders to apply for this year-long training program.

    We appreciate your assistance in this recruitment effort. By working together we can help guarantee that strong nutrition services will exist in the future for women, infants, children, adolescents, and families.

    For more information please contact Pat Simmons at Pat.Simmons@health.mo.gov.

  5. Continuing Education Opportunity: The Nutrition Services Branch - NC Division of Public Health in collaboration with UNC - Chapel Hill is pleased to announce that Module 2: Basic Nutrition, of the Pediatric Nutrition Course (PNC) is open for registration. This is an online, faculty guided, self-paced module of about 20 hours to be completed between May 14, 2012 and July 20, 2012. The overall goal of the course is to provide nutritionists with the knowledge and skills needed to improve the nutritional health of the pediatric population.
    Module 2 Basic Nutrition consists of the following nine topics:

    • Unit 1: Nutrition Education
    • Unit 2: Infant and Toddler Nutrition
    • Unit 3: Child Nutrition
    • Unit 4: Adolescent Nutrition
    • Unit 5: Formulas
    • Unit 6: Anemia
    • Unit 7: Physical Activity
    • Unit 8: Elevated Blood Lead
    • Unit 9: Sports Nutrition

      Module 2 of the PNC is approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration - American Dietetic Association for 20 CPEUs - Level 1. Continuing education units will also be awarded from the Friday Center for Continuing Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

      Fees: For all nutritionists and dietitians residing outside of North Carolina the course fee is $100.

      An orientation conference call/webinar will be scheduled with registered students prior to the first week of the course to provide an overview and demonstration of the online module. Enrollment is limited, so please complete your application early. If you have any questions, contact your District Nutritionist.

      To apply, go to

  6. National Screen-Free Week, April 30-May 6, 2012: Love it or hate it, TV and other entertainment screens are part of American family life. Americans spend three to four hours a day in front of screens. This time includes watching prerecorded movies, playing video games and surfing the Internet, sometimes simultaneously. Like too much of any good thing, however, research suggests that the amount of time we spend in front of screens can have negative consequences. Parents or grandparents, healthcare professionals, clergy or others can download the Screen-Free Week Organizer’s Kit free. Read more at:http://www.commercialfreechildhood.org/actions/screenfreeweek2012.html. If you have any questions, contact your District Nutritionist.

  7. REMINDER-WIC Help Desk Meeting: This is a reminder that there will be no WIC Help Desk coverage on Friday, April 20, 2012, from 8:15 am to 10:15 am. Although staff will not be available during these hours, feel free to leave a message and all calls will be returned as soon as possible. The purpose of these meetings is to review processes and procedures in order to provide the highest quality customer service to local agencies and WIC participants.

    If you have questions, please contact Melissa Seaver at 800-554-2544 or Melissa.Seaver@health.mo.gov.

  8. FFY 2013 LAP Training Registration: Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2013 WIC Local Agency Plan (LAP) training will be conducted at the Department’s ITSD Training Room, 920 Wildwood Dr., Jefferson City on June 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2012. This year's training is optional, but is strongly recommended for new LAP users.  Experienced LAP users or those who feel they need a refresher may view the FFY 2013 LAP e-Learning training sessions. You will be notified when the training sessions are available on the WIC web site in a future WIC Updates. To register for the in-person training, complete the attached registration form and e-mail to Debby.Hanlon@health.mo.gov or fax to 573-526-1470. If you have questions about the training, contact Debby Hanlon at 800-392-8209 or 573-751-6196. (ONE ATTACHMENT)

Attachment #1 - 2012 Missouri WIC Cost Containment Project Resources
Attachment #2 - WIC Cost Containment - Handout EN & SP
Attachment #3 - WIC Cost Containment - POSTER EN & SP
Attachment #4 - WIC Approved Food List 2012 (#640 - 4-12 version)
Attachment #5 - WIC Cost Containment Resource Information & List of LWPs with Spanish
MOWINS - Instructions to Changes to Food Items
LAP Training Registration