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Professional Development Professional training opportunities for local WIC provider and the public.

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face to face trainings


expand Fundamentals of Breastfeeding: an 18 Hour Course collapse Fundamentals of Breastfeeding: an 18 Hour Course

The training will provide basic knowledge on composition of human milk, physiology of milk production, maternal and infant assessment, latch on and positioning, normal breastfeeding, documentation, counseling skills, breastfeeding challenges, milk supply issues, medication concerns and promotion of breastfeeding.

Training dates and locations:
Kansas City - July 10-12, 2018
St. Louis - July 17-19, 2018

Click here to register online. Confirmation will be emailed after you have completed the registration process.

Contact Jamie Larson at (573) 526-5270 or with questions about the training registration.

e-Learning trainings


expand Healthy Smiles from the Start Training collapse Healthy Smiles from the Start Training
Healthy Smiles from the Start training was a coordinated effort of the Missouri Dental Association (MDA) and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Oral Health Program/Missouri WIC Program to provide pre- and post-natal dental health care education program for use in your oral health education efforts. Upon completion of the Oral Health training the WIC state office is authorizing 1-CEU to all CPA/Nutritionist. To access the training click here. Implementation November 16, 2015.
expand Online Hemocue Training collapse Online Hemocue Training
This 10-minute online Hemocue training does not replace training provided by the Hemocue trainer; however, it can be used as a refresher, as a corrective action plan, viewed prior to training, or on an as-needed basis. Refer to the instructions for navigating through the training and printing a certificate. If you have questions about your equipment or requests for equipment maintenance, please contact your assigned TA Nutritionist rather than the Hemocue company as mentioned in the training video.
expand Screening for Postpartum Depression in WIC collapse Screening for Postpartum Depression in WIC
This training will provide certifying and counseling staff (WIC certifier, CPA, nutritionist) with information on screening for, and assigning, risk factor 361 Depression, with a focus on postpartum depression. Information will include:
  • Optimal screening tools and times for administering and evaluating the screening tool in WIC;
  • Documentation and follow up requirements for participants screened or referred;
  • When to assign Risk Factor 361 Depression and Risk Factor 357 Drug Nutrient Interactions; and
  • Ways to educate WIC women who have been assigned Risk Factor 361 Depression.

Screening for Postpartum Depression in WIC
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