WIC Online Invoice Application Webinars

Target Audience:

This training is for the Local WIC Provider staff member who completes the monthly WIC Invoice.

Course Description:

This training offers an in-depth explanation of the WIC Invoice, Administrative Cost Report and Budget Adjustment.

Contact Trainer:

WIC Invoicing questions may be addressed to Laura Thompson, 573-526-7901, Laura.Thompson@health.mo.gov.


WIC Invoicing System Webinars:

You may access the webinars by clicking on any of the links below.  The webinar will start automatically and you need only to watch and listen.  You may watch all or any sections you desire.  You may repeat any section as needed.


Invoice Overview (2 mins.)
Accessing the Application (3 mins.)
Creating a New Invoice (2 mins.)
Invoice A (3 mins.)
Invoice B - Personnel (2 mins.)
Invoice B – Personnel Salaries (2 mins.)
Invoice B – Employee Benefits (1.5 mins.)
Invoice B – Total Expenses Table (1.5 mins.)
Invoice B – Personnel Pg. 2 (1 min.)
Invoice C – In-Kind Expenses (2.5 mins.)
Invoice D – In-Kind Personnel (3.5 mins.)
Invoice D – In-Kind Pg. 2 (1 min.)
Invoice E – Reclaim Personnel (3 mins.)
Invoice E – Reclaim Non-Personnel (1.5 mins.)
Special Fundings (4.5 mins.)
Submitting the Invoice (3 mins.)
Administrative Cost Report (ACR) (5 mins.)
ACR Caseload (1.5 mins.)
In-Kind ACR, Graphs, Printing (2.5 mins.)
Budget Adjustments (7 mins.)

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