SUBJECT 1: Upcoming State Holidays
SUBJECT 2: Press Release on CVB Temporary Increase
SUBJECT 3: FFY 2022 WIC Local Agency Funding
SUBJECT 4: eLearning Trainings

JOB POSTING: Nutritionist/Dietitian – City of St. Joseph Health Department


SUBJECT 1: Upcoming State Holidays – The WIC state agency will be closed, and there will be no MOWINS Help Desk support, on the following days:

  • Friday, May 7
  • Monday, May 31

SUBJECT 2: Press Release on CVB Temporary Increase. Attached is a press release template about the temporary increase in the cash value benefit for fruit and vegetable purchases (CVB) for WIC local agency use. The Department of Health and Senior Services will be releasing a similar press release soon. Customize the template to your WIC local agency information then send it to local media outlets to spread the word about the temporary increase. If you have questions about the press release or other outreach efforts contact Anne Strope at

SUBJECT 3: FFY 2022 WIC Local Agency Funding. Missouri WIC is providing early notification that we anticipate local agency base and special funding for FFY 2022 to be consistent with FFY 2021 funding amounts. Conversations with various local agencies have unsurprisingly revealed that FFY 2021 brought forth many unanticipated program barriers, resulting in a large caseload drop and/or underutilization of local agency funding in many instances. As we move back into more routine program services in FFY 2022, we hope to enroll some participants who left the program during FFY 2021 and will continue to conduct outreach to attract new participants. As with each year, our local agency funding projections are based on our anticipated grant funding from USDA. We will not have the final funding amounts until several months into the new fiscal year. That being said, we are hopeful that our funding will allow us to provide the same amount of LA funding as last year, as we intend to do.

Active outreach is critical to educating individuals on the benefits of the WIC program and in expanding enrollment opportunities to eligible individuals. Missouri’s caseload has followed the downward trend of the national WIC program, but we feel there is more we can do to help address program participation barriers, including program awareness, accessibility, and participant engagement. All local agencies will be required to allocate 1% of their base funding to outreach activities approved as part of a comprehensive outreach plan submitted with their local agency plan in August. Local agencies may utilize more than 1% of their base funding for approved outreach activities, if desired. The state agency will soon provide a template that includes all of the required outreach plan components and will later conduct an informational session to assist local agencies in the development of their outreach plan activities. Watch for a future WIC update and email from your TA staff for the upcoming Missouri WIC Outreach Plan WebEx online session. This informational session will include information on how to categorize and invoice expenses for various outreach activities. Additionally, WIC state agency outreach staff will be available to provide one-on-one assistance, as needed in the development of your plan.

Information about Breastfeeding Friendly WIC Clinic and Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program special funding opportunities can be found in the WIC Update from April 12, 2021.

SUBJECT 4: eLearning Trainings. The state agency (SA) is in the process of updating several local agency (LA) staff eLearning trainings developed in Adobe Flash Player, which is no longer supported and hence the trainings have been removed. The Civil Rights, National Voter Registration Act, and Communicating with Participants Effectively trainings are posted in a portable document format (PDF). These three trainings, along with the other available eLearning trainings, should be completed and the date of completion documented in a staff member’s training record in accordance with current guidelines. The Health Professional Assistant (HPA) and Breastfeeding Promotion and Support training are being updated and the SA will post notification when they are available. Two trainings, Income Assessment and Processing Standards are no longer required as of January 2021. For questions, contact Jill Crossland at


WIC Positions

JOB POSTING: Nutritionist/Dietitian – City of St. Joseph Health Department. The City of St. Joseph Health Department has an immediate opening for a full time Nutritionist/Dietitian in the WIC program. At a minimum, the candidate must have graduated from an accredited four-year college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Nutrition, Dietetics, Home Economics, or closely related field; including or supplemented by at least fifteen (15) semester hours in food and nutrition including diet therapy and community nutrition. Please submit your application online at St. Joseph, MO - Official Website ( by May 5th, 2021.

Missouri WIC is an equal-opportunity employer.