SUBJECT 1: Upcoming State Holiday
SUBJECT 2: Breast Pump Order
SUBJECT 3: Updated Policy 4.1.060 Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
SUBJECT 4: WIC Clinic Reopening Info
SUBJECT 5: Not Physically Present Due to COVID-19

JOB POSTING: Breastfeeding Peer Counselor – Family Care Health Centers


SUBJECT 1: Upcoming State Holiday. The WIC state agency will be closed, and there will be no MOWINS Help Desk coverage on Friday, July 3.

SUBJECT 2: Breast Pump Order. McKesson has started shipping breast pumps and pump accessories, from both Medela and Hygeia. Because supplies are coming from multiple manufacturers, you may not receive all of your order at the same time. Please remember that the following procedure must be followed in order to verify receipt of shipment for payment:

  • Immediately upon receipt of shipment, please locate the packing slip and verify that your agency received the products and quantities stated.
  • Sign the packing slip to verify the order is correct.
  • Fax the signed packing slip to the state agency at 573-526-1470.
  • If your agency did not receive what was stated on the packing slip, please contact Lisa Schlientz immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Schlientz by email at or by telephone at 573-751-6468.

SUBJECT 3: Updated Policy 4.1.060 Emergency and Disaster Preparedness.
The updated Emergency and Disaster Preparedness policy will go into effect July 1, 2020 and is located here. The policy indicates that the local agency (LA) shall make every reasonable effort to maintain or re-establish WIC services during periods of emergency or disaster, to continue issuance of benefits to participants. If you have questions about the updated policy please email Anne Strope at

SUBJECT 4: WIC Clinic Reopening Info. As many areas of the state have returned or will be returning to the provision of onsite WIC services in the near-future, please review the following information:

CLINICS OPENING FOR ONSITE WIC SERVICES. Some local agencies are providing onsite WIC services and other clinics plan to resume onsite services in the near future. The WIC state agency would like to provide the following information regarding best practices for serving participants amid the COVID-19 outbreak and about upcoming shipments of cloth face coverings for WIC staff and participants:

COVID-19 BEST PRACTICES: Safely Serving Missouri WIC Participants in Clinics. Missouri WIC staff have compiled a resource with strategies for safely serving WIC participants in clinics. This guide provides strategies which can be used by large or small agencies in a variety of settings. The guide is available on the Missouri WIC website (Click on Re-Entry to Onsite Services Guide.)

CLOTH FACE COVERING SHIPMENTS TO LOCAL AGENCIES. The WIC state agency has purchased and will soon begin shipping cloth face coverings to local agencies. These face coverings are for distribution to and use by WIC staff and those attending WIC appointments only, as the face coverings have been purchased with WIC funds. Only children age 2 and above should wear face coverings. Please encourage WIC staff and participants to retain their face coverings for future appointments, as we are uncertain if and when we will be able to obtain another shipment of face coverings. Each agency will receive an initial supply in an amount that correlates with their current caseload of women and children age 2 and over.
Information regarding the use and care of cloth face coverings can be found on the CDC website.

APPLICATION FOR WAIVER EXTENSIONS. WIC state agencies were informed by USDA of a month-by-month waiver extension process. For the month of July, the Missouri state agency has submitted an application to waive physical presence, allow remote benefit issuance, waive medical documentation, and extend children’s certifications for 90 days. Local agencies will be informed by email and a WIC Update once a response is received from USDA regarding the status of the waiver extension requests.

Please direct questions regarding the information contained in the COVID-19 Best Practices guide to your TA staff.

Thank you for your continued efforts to serve Missouri WIC participants!

SUBJECT 5: Not Physically Present Due to COVID-19. A new report, Not Physically Present Due to COVID-19, is available in the Administrative Management folder as a crystal or excel report.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, some Mid-Certifications and Certifications were completed remotely, because of the physical presence waiver granted by USDA which waives requirements for participants to be physically present in the clinic.

This report identifies participant charts in MOWINS that:

  • Had “Physically Present – no” selected on the demographics screen, or
  • Have no blood work or anthropometric measurements entered due to COVID-19.

If multiple blood work contacts were entered due to COVID-19, duplicate records will be pulled up on the report. Applicable records within a year from the date the report is run will appear in the report.

Contact your Nutrition TA staff if you have questions about the report.

WIC Positions

JOB POSTING: Breastfeeding Peer Counselor – Family Care Health Centers. Family Care Health Centers is accepting applications for a part-time (24 hrs/week) Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. Responsibilities include providing breastfeeding information and support to new mothers and helping them achieve their breastfeeding goals. Personal breastfeeding experience is required.

To apply, send resume to:
Amy Callico, RD, LD
Nutrition Services Team Leader
Family Care Health Centers
401 Holly Hills Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63111
(314) 353-5190 x3043

Missouri WIC is an equal-opportunity employer.