SUBJECT 1: Microcuvette and Analyzer Order – Response Required
SUBJECT 2: eWIC Only Food Items
SUBJECT 3: Update to WOM Policies
SUBJECT 4: Authorized Representatives, Alternate Representatives, and Proxies
SUBJECT 5: January wichealth Newsletter and FY 2019 Annual Report
SUBJECT 6: Discontinued Formula
SUBJECT 7: Celebrating IBCLC Day

JOB POSTING: WIC Nutritionist – Platte County Health Department
JOB POSTING: Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian – Clay County Public Health Center


SUBJECT 1: Microcuvette and Analyzer Order – Response Required. It’s time to order microcuvettes by completing the survey. Please follow the instructions below to ensure your agency receives an adequate supply of microcuvettes and/or analyzers:

  1. Microcuvette Survey: Please complete and return the attached survey via e-mail to by March 6, 2020. This will ensure no interruption in the supply of microcuvettes. Please verify that you use the most recent survey.
  2. Microcuvette Order: The information from the survey will be used to identify the current supply on hand at each agency and to estimate the needs of each agency for the next six months. The microcuvette order will be shipped directly to your agency.
  3. Analyzers: Analyzers are also available to agencies by completing the request and justification.


SUBJECT 2: eWIC Only Food Items. Most of you are aware that starting on March 2nd, eWIC will begin in our Pilot 1 area local agencies. As eWIC rolls out, the agencies in eWIC areas are being trained on how to update food prescriptions to include “eWIC Only” food items. “eWIC Only” food items are recognizable, as they print in capitalized letters, as in the reference table. These food items must not be printed on checks. If a participant transfers to your agency before you are eWIC enabled, please review all current and future food prescriptions to ensure that there are no “eWIC Only” food items listed. Below is a table showing the check item options versus eWIC only item options.

Food Category Check Options eWIC Only Options
Fish 5 Oz Cans Tuna Water-Pack Only
5 Oz Cans Tuna Waterpack Only
3.75 Oz Cans Sardines -Tomato Or Mustard Sauce Or Water-Pack
3.75 Oz Cans Sardines -Tomato Or Mustard Sauce Or Waterpack
5 Oz Cans Salmon, Pink, Water-Pack Only
5 Oz Cans Salmon, Pink, Waterpack Only
4 Oz Infant Fruits/Veggies Approved Brands/Varieties Only
Twin-Pack (4 Oz Tub) Infant Fruits/Veggies – Approved Brands
Infant Meats 2.5 Oz Jars Infant Meats Approved Items Only OUNCES INFANT MEATS
Whole Grains 16 Oz Approved Bread, Tortillas, Brown Rice or Wheat Pasta
16 Oz Brown Rice Store Brand Only

Please contact the MOWINS Help Desk for further assistance at 800-554-2544.

SUBJECT 3: Update to WOM Policies. Two sets of policies will be used during the eWIC rollout:

Local agencies issuing checks will reference the policies located in the Local Agencies issuing checks - WIC Operations Manual (WOM) tab on the website.  Upon statewide implementation, this tab will be retired.

Local agencies issuing eWIC cards will reference the policies in the Local Agencies issuing eWIC cards - WIC Operations Manual (WOM) tab on the website. This tab contains new eWIC specific policies along with the current policies in an updated numbering system.  A WOM Crosswalk document is available under this tab to map the old policy number to the revised policy number.

Below is a list of WOM policies that have been revised specifically for eWIC:

1.1.010   Local Agency and WIC Authorized Retailer Roles
8.1.020   Participant Referrals
3.1.050   Certification and Appointment Back Up Forms
8.1.030   Conflict of Interest and Separation of Duties
8.1.080   Participant Explanation
8.1.170   Notification of Ineligibility, Termination, or Expiration of Certification
8.1.190   Authorized Representatives and Alternate Representatives
8.1.200   Proxies
9.1.010   Food Instrument Accountability and Liability
9.1.030   Food Instrument Replacement
9.1.040   Food Instrument Inventory Management
10.1.080 Participant Violations

SUBJECT 4: Authorized Representatives, Alternative Representatives, and Proxies. This WOM policy has been split into two (2) separate policies for better clarification. 

An authorized representative or alternate representative is defined as a woman participant or a parent, legal guardian, or caretaker who is applying for benefits on behalf of a child or infant.  Refer to policy 3.03700 or 8.1.190.

A proxy is defined as a person designated by the authorized representative to obtain and transact food benefits on behalf of a participant. Refer to policy 3.03800 or 8.1.200.

MOWINS change: For Alternate Representative/Proxy line items listed in the Additional Information Tab #2, the dropdown options for relationship have now been updated to include the choice of Proxy or Alternate Representative.

SUBJECT 5: January wichealth Newsletter and FY 2019 Year in Review. It’s been a year of continued success from client satisfaction and national recognition, to innovative application of technology. Together, we have provided access to more than 50 lessons, 200 recipes, and 1,200 resources creating healthy behavior change in the lives of 508,384 unique WIC clients who completed 1,065,980 lessons in 28 states and 2 Indian Tribal Organizations.
Health eKitchen - 60+ recipes in Spanish were added to wichealth. Here are 2019’s top five viewed recipes:

  • Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie
  • One-Pot Jambalaya
  • Stuffed Bell Peppers
  • Frozen Yogurt Pops
  • Oven Lovin’ Chicken

WIC Health Blog - This blog allows real WIC clients to have a voice in their education. Here are 2019’s most loved articles:

  • Kids + Vegetables
  • Overcoming Breastfeeding Struggles
  • How to End the Toothbrush Battle

New Logo - The logo has undergone a transformation. See the attachment FY 2019 wichealth Year in Review to see the new logo, and for the meaning behind the design.
For questions, please contact Jill Crossland at

SUBJECT 6: Discontinued Formula. On February 10th, Mead Johnson Nutrition (MJN) issued a formal statement discontinuing Enfamil NeuroPro Enfacare 32 oz. RTU by April 1, 2020. Retailers may experience challenges stocking this formula which is not available for direct shipment through the state agency (SA). The formula will be deactivated in the MOWINS system on March 31st, 2020. All checks for this formula will need to be used on or before the last day in March where the formula is still available from retailers. MJN does not have an Enfamil NeuroPro Enfacare RTU option available at this time but will continue to have Enfamil NeuroPro Enfacare Powder 12.8 oz. Please work with participants and their healthcare providers to select an alternate, WIC-approved formula for use. For questions, please contact Jill Crossland at

SUBJECT 7: Celebrating IBCLC Day. IBCLC Day was developed to recognize the important role of the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC) and the specialized knowledge each has to make a difference in the lives of breastfeeding families. This year's celebration will be held March 4, 2020 and is sponsored by the International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA). We appreciate all of the IBCLCs, peer counselors, and other lactation support staff that work hard to support Missouri moms. Please take the opportunity to recognize those in your agency that help promote, support, and protect breastfeeding and thank them for the important work they do. For more information and shareable memes, see the ILCA website.

SUBJECT 8: CEU Corner. To celebrate IBCLC Day on March 4th, GOLD Learning is hosting a free webinar, with Nekisha Killings, titled “How Did I Miss That?: Breast Assessment and Non-White Skin Tones”. Breast assessment is a crucial clinical skill for lactation supporters, but sometimes common conditions don't present the way we were taught when they occur in clients with non-white skin. Join in for an hour of practice changing information about the clinical presentation of conditions frequently seen in lactating parents, such as mastitis, vasospasm, eczema and more, in clients with non-white skin tones. One (1) L-CERP is provided. Click here to register. GOLD Learning will allow those who have registered up to 4 weeks to view the webinar.


WIC Positions

JOB POSTING: WIC Nutritionist – Platte County Health Department. Seeking a full-time (40 hours/week) nutritionist to provide individual assessment, counseling, and support for breastfeeding, pregnant and postpartum women, infants, and children up to age 5. Duties also include individual and group education and being accountable for daily clinic functions. This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition including 15 credit hours of food and nutrition. WIC experience is preferred. The applicant must be reliable and able to work in a team environment. Excellent customer service skills and professional demeanor is expected at all times. Applicant must possess a valid driver’s license. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefit package.

Please forward cover letter and resume to:
Heidi Loecke
WIC Coordinator
Fax: 816-587-6028

JOB POSTING: Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian – Clay County Public Health Center. Clay County Public Health Center, nationally accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board, has an opening for a full-time Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian (depending on qualifications). This position is responsible for providing accurate nutrition assessments, assigning risk factors, and providing appropriate nutrition and breastfeeding education to all participants according to the state Women, Infants & Children (WIC) program policies and procedures.
Visit for details.

WIC is an equal opportunity employer.