SUBJECT 1: WIC Outreach – COVID-19 Response
SUBJECT 2: Formula Update in MOWINS
SUBJECT 3: March Newsletter


SUBJECT 1: WIC Outreach – COVID-19 Response. There is now a WIC Outreach - COVID-19 Response webpage. This page will be updated frequently with press releases and social media posts for local agencies to utilize. The page currently has one press release and seven social media posts. More are being developed and will be posted once approved, so check the site at least once a week. If your WIC program does not have a social media page and would like to start one, contact Anne Strope who will help setup and create a plan for managing the page. Please feel free to reach out to Anne Strope at if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about how we can tackle outreach together!

SUBJECT 2: Formula Update in MOWINS. Based upon local agency (LA) feedback, MOWINS has been updated to print 5 cans/bottles per check for the ready-to-use (RTU) and concentrate formulas listed below. It is helping us improve the process for our participants. Please reset and update MOWINS to implement these changes.

Enfamil Infant RTU Similac NeoSure RTU
Enfamil Infant Concentrate Nutramigen RTU
Enfamil ProSobee Concentrate Nutramigen Concentrate
Enfamil ProSobee RTU Similac Alimentum RTU

For questions, please contact Jill Crossland at

SUBJECT 3: March Newsletter. WIC clinics are experiencing extreme ramifications from COVID-19, but fits right in with a social distancing approach. Clients can continue to receive essential nutrition education through this virtual platform. Please see the attached March newsletter for ways you can serve Missouri participants. Highlights include:

  1. New Resources in Response to COVID-19. The following resources are posted in the notification box on the homepage:
  • COVID-19 Guidance: Feeding Your Baby
  • Shopping Tips In Case of COVID-19 Shortages
  • Meal Planning during COVID-19
  • Sources You Can Trust for Current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information
  1. Lesson Updates. This past month, three lessons were reviewed and updated in English and Spanish:
  • Choose MyPlate
  • Make Meals and Snacks Simple
  • Making Healthy Meals
  1. Health eKitchen. March recipes of the month are quick, nutritious, and budget-friendly, which is especially important during this precarious time in our nation’s history.
  • Apple and Cheese Tortilla
  • Spanish Brown Rice
  • Pot of Beans
  • Apple Chicken Quesadilla
  • Easy Cheesy Waffles
  • Sweet Baked Lentils
  1. Spanish Promotional Materials. To access the materials, login to with your staff account, select “Resources,” and then select “Promotional Materials.” The materials available include:
  • Confíe en sus decisiones saludables (Trust in your healthy choices)
  • Tranquilidad a la hora de comer (Mealtime peace)
  • Recetas saludables que les encantarán a sus hijos (Healthy recipes your kids will love)
  • Aproveche al máximo sus beneficios de WIC (Make the most of your WIC benefits)
  • Recupere su tiempo (Recover your time)
  • Abra la puerta al aprendizaje (Open the door to learning)