SUBJECT 1: Changes for Issuing Food Package III in MOWINS
SUBJECT 2: DCN Assignment
SUBJECT 3: eWIC Training Calls and Face-to-Face Training Cancellations
SUBJECT 4: Reminder - Formula Approval Authority Update - Mixing Instructions Different From Label
SUBJECT 5: Updates


SUBJECT 1: Changes for Issuing Food Package III in MOWINS. In preparation for eWIC, there are system changes that will be implemented to avoid over issuance of infant formula when placing benefits on an eWIC card. Currently, when users attempt to increase the formula quantity for an infant in a food prescription over the default amount, MOWINS will display an alert stating the increase will require a special prescription. If the user selects ‘Yes’, MOWINS will allow the quantity to be increased to the maximum amount. This will occur whether or not the Requires Food Package III checkbox is selected on the Health Information screen.

With the implemented changes in MOWINS, staff will need to indicate that the participant requires Food Package III on the Health Information tab. MOWINS will no longer alert users when the special prescription has expired. Every time a food prescription is added, staff will need to verify that Requires Food Package III is selected. Please see the attached document for further explanation. For questions regarding this change, please contact the MOWINS Help Desk at 800-554-2544.

SUBJECT 2: DCN Assignment. Many local agencies are currently assigning departmental client numbers (DCNs) in the mainframe system (i.e., PROD) resulting in the creation of duplicate DCNs. To avoid entry of duplicate DCN numbers, WOM policy 3.02600 will be deleted and local agencies shall immediately discontinue issuing DCNs. All infants in Missouri are assigned a DCN at birth; however, the assigned DCNs may not appear in the HDFS screen immediately. The DCN no longer needs to be documented in general notes in MOWINS and should only be used to determine if an applicant is adjunctively eligible. Please contact your administrative technical assistant if you have further questions.

SUBJECT 3: eWIC Training Calls and Face-to-Face Training Cancellations. Due to the eWIC project delay and in reference to the August 5th WIC Update message, the Missouri WIC program will reschedule both the eWIC implementation calls and the face-to-face trainings that had been scheduled. These eWIC implementation calls and face-to-face trainings will be rescheduled and invitations will be sent out once a new schedule is finalized.

We apologize for the inconvenience of having to reschedule these calls and the face-to-face trainings at a later date, but hope that this information allows you to schedule your clinics in the meantime. Additional information will be shared with all stakeholders as soon as possible. Please contact your district technical assistance staff with questions.

SUBJECT 4: Reminder - Formula Approval Authority Update - Mixing Instructions Different from Label. In reference to Food and Formula Reference Guide (FFRG) page 5:

Calorie adjustment of a formula when the health care provider (HCP) provides mixing instructions with a dilution different than what is on the label:

  • The local agency (LA) Competent Professional Authority (CPA) or nutritionist has authority to approve this request.
  • A completed WIC-27 form and mixing instructions from a HCP must be scanned into MOWINS.
  • The CPA will review the mixing instructions. If guidance is needed, call state agency (SA) at 800-392-8209 and request to speak with a state nutritionist on duty.
  • The quantity of formula issued shall not exceed the monthly maximum allowance (using the standard dilution rate) as indicated on the Maximum Monthly Allowances table.
  • Ensure the participant understands the mixing instructions from the HCP.

Issuance of More Than One Formula

  • The LA RD has authority to approve the request for any combination of two formulas.
  • The LA RD must document the quantity of each formula and the total volume issued for the month.
  • If the HCP requests two formulas with a calorie adjustment, document the quantity of each formula and the total volume issued for the month. The quantity of formula issued shall not exceed the monthly maximum allowance (using the standard dilution rate) as indicated on the Maximum Monthly Allowances table

Medical supervision requirements. Due to the nature of the health conditions of participants who are issued supplemental foods that require medical documentation, close medical supervision is essential for each participant's dietary management. The responsibility remains with the participant's health care provider for this medical oversight and instruction. This responsibility cannot be assumed by personnel at the WIC state or local agency. However, it would be the responsibility of the WIC competent professional authority to ensure that only the amounts of supplemental foods prescribed by the participant's health care provider are issued in the participant's food package.

SUBJECT 5: Updates.
New Lesson Series:
The newest lesson series, “Guide to Newborns for Expecting Parents” is now available for Missouri WIC participants. The series focuses on understanding the baby’s cues, newborn feeding, and so much more. Please log on to and see the resources available to WIC participants in Missouri under the topics listed below:

  • Preparing to Meet Your Newborn
  • In the Hospital: The First 48 Hours
  • Feeding Your Newborn
  • Understanding Your Newborn: Sleep, Crying and Cues
  • Getting the Support You Need for Baby’s First Weeks
  • Returning to Work or School Browser Recommendations:
Some local agencies and participants have reported problems viewing lessons. To resolve these issues, please check for updates to the browsers in use. Check if pop-up blockers have been activated because they can prevent the lessons from pulling up. Please see below for browser versions that should be in use for a good nutrition education experience with lessons.

  • Google Chrome. Latest Version: 73.0.3683.75
  • Mozilla Firefox. Latest Version: 66.0
  • Safari. Latest Version: 12.0
  • Opera: 58.0.3135.107
  • Microsoft Edge: 18 or 44.17763.1.0
  • Internet Explorer: Latest Version: 11

When connecting to the mobile web version of, users are required to use a modern browser version that supports TLS version 1.2 or above. The minimum browser versions include browsers such as Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox 27, Google Chrome 30 or Apple Safari 7. iOS 5.1 and Android 5 Lollipop or later. Please check to ensure the browser meets these requirements. If an update is required, make sure to restart the browser for the fix to take effect.

If none of these actions fix the issue, please complete the lesson from another device or computer. This should work, as the issue often lies within the device you are using, and its inability to meet the current requirements to use the site.

Here's a link that will take you to a webpage that explains how to check your web browser version.

SUBJECT 6: TEL-LINK Resources. TEL-LINK is a toll-free confidential information line that provides information on resources for maternal and child health services free of charge. Individuals can call 1-800-TEL-LINK (835-5465) to access a wide range of health resource referrals within their communities (e.g., smoking, alcohol, hearing issues, WIC providers, hospital care, dental clinics, food banks, housing, medical transportation). Please watch a short PSA video and share it with your WIC families and friends. Free brochures, magnets, and posters to promote TEL-LINK can be ordered here, using the following resource numbers:

  • #55 TEL-LINK Brochure
  • #746 TEL-LINK Brochure (Spanish)
  • #1228 TEL-LINK Poster 8.5x11
  • #1229 TEL-LINK Poster 11x17
  • #1232 TEL-LINK Magnets
  • #1233 TEL-LINK Tear Pads