SUBJECT 1: Partial Federal Government Shutdown Update
SUBJECT 2: Microcuvette and Analyzer Order - Response Required
SUBJECT 3: WIC Participant’s Rights and Responsibilities
SUBJECT 4: WIC Conference Bulletin Board Contest
SUBJECT 5: Newsletter
SUBJECT 6: Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program Coordinator
SUBJECT 7: WIC Resources
SUBJECT 8: Nutritionist III Position

JOB POSTING: Nutritionist/Dietitian - Affinia Healthcare

SUBJECT 1: Partial Federal Government Shutdown Update. In light of the partial federal government shutdown, Missouri WIC is closely monitoring available funding and estimated obligations. Missouri WIC has determined that there continues to be sufficient funding to meet program expenses through February 2019. We feel it is important to keep WIC local agencies informed of the status of the WIC program to ensure that participants can continue to receive WIC services without interruption. Retailers were notified on January 7, 2019 that they should continue to redeem WIC checks.

Missouri WIC will continue to monitor available funding and obligations very carefully. In the event that the partial federal government shutdown is still in effect on January 31, or should the program’s funding estimates change, we will inform local agencies and retailers about updated operating estimates. Local agencies should continue to provide WIC services until further notice with confidence that they will be reimbursed.

SUBJECT 2: Microcuvette and Analyzer Order - Response Required. It’s time to order microcuvettes by completing the survey. Please follow the instructions below to ensure your agency receives an adequate supply of microcuvettes and/or analyzers:

  1. Microcuvette Survey: Please complete and return the attached survey via e-mail to by February 8, 2019. This will ensure no interruption in the supply of microcuvettes. Please verify that you use the most recent survey.
  2. Microcuvette Order: The information from the survey will be used to identify the current supply on hand at each agency and to estimate the needs of each agency for the next six months. The microcuvette order will be shipped directly to your agency.
  3. Analyzers: Analyzers are also available to agencies by completing the request and justification.

Local Agency Confirmation: When you receive the order please do the following:

  1. Verify the total boxes of microcuvettes received.
  2. Send an email to with the local agency name, number of boxes of microcuvettes received, and number of analyzers received if applicable within one (1) week of receiving the shipment. Confirmation of receipt is required.

If you have any questions, please call Jason Seehusen at 800-392-8209. Thank you for your cooperation.

SUBJECT 3: WIC Participant’s Rights and Responsibilities – Effective February 1, 2019
The Participant’s Rights and Responsibilities (WIC-10) form has been revised based on USDA recommendations. Please begin using the new WIC-10 effective February 1, 2019. Notable revisions are:

  • “I understand it is my responsibility to receive WIC benefits from only one (1) WIC agency at a time as dual participation is illegal.” It is important for local agency staff to notify all participants that dual participation is illegal.
  • “I understand I have the right to equal WIC program eligibility and participation standards, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, handicap, or sex.”

All local agencies will receive both the laminated WIC-10 (bilingual, orchid paper) and padded WIC-10 (bilingual, white paper) by February 28, 2019. It is also being translated into 16 languages. All local agencies will be notified when the translated versions of the WIC-10 becomes available through a WIC Update. Please share the information above with all WIC staff. If you have any questions, please contact Takako Tagami at

SUBJECT 4: WIC Conference Bulletin Board Contest. The votes are in for the WIC Conference Bulletin Board Contest! The following WIC local agencies won a $25 gift card towards supplies to make more bulletin board creations for WIC messaging. See the attached PDF to view the winners.

Columbia-Boone County Health Department
Ripley County Health Department
Randolph County Health Department
Reynolds County Health Center
Swope Health Services
Saline County Health Department

Thank you to all who participated! (ONE ATTACHMENT)

SUBJECT 5: Newsletter. Please see the attached December 2018 newsletter.

Highlights include:

  • One Million Lesson Completions - provides over 50 lessons and serves clients in 30 states.
  • Preparing for the Holidays - Health eKitchen has avariety of topics, which include an Easy Kitchen Tool Substitution Guide for the must-have tool and Common Substitutions for that one ingredient you are missing in the kitchen. Together, these two resources have gained almost 1,200 likes!
  • State Partner Highlight South Carolina

If you have any questions, please contact Rose Sipakati at

SUBJECT 6: Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program Coordinator. Please welcome Stephanie Pruess to her new position as the Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program Coordinator. Stephanie has been the WIC Southeastern District Nutritionist since August of 2015. Prior to her employment at the state, she was a WIC nutritionist at the Peoria City/County Health Department for 7 years. She also worked at Butler County Health Department in Poplar Bluff as the Healthy and Active Communities grant dietitian and as a WIC nutritionist. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and is an IBCLC. You may reach her by email at or by phone at 573-840-9572. As Stephanie transitions to her new role, Rita Arni will be providing technical assistance to the WIC local agencies in the southeastern district. Rita can be contacted at or 573-751-8159.

SUBJECT 7: WIC Resources Updates.
The following resources are no longer available in the DHSS warehouse:

  • Fraud Cards (WIC-66)
  • Stickers (WIC-69)

The following resources have been recently printed and are available in the DHSS warehouse:

  • Relief from Common Problems of Pregnancy Handout (English #51)
  • Substance Use Handout (English #508)
  • Choose MyPlate for Pregnant, Breastfeeding, and Nonbreastfeeding Women (English #912)
  • Food to Grow on 12 through 18 months (Spanish #1286)

The following resources are out of stock in the DHSS warehouse; they are being revised and will be reprinted. Until they are available, they may be downloaded from the WIC website.

  • Nutrition Assessment for Women Form (WIC-36)
  • WIC Outreach Brochure (English #175) New
  • Exercise During Pregnancy (English #1095)

SUBJECT 8: Nutritionist III Position. The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), Bureau of WIC and Nutrition Services, currently has an opening for a Nutritionist III. This position is located in Jefferson City. Please see the attached position blurb for additional information. Interested individuals must be eligible for the job classification of a Nutritionist III located here. Please submit an application and resume to Dora Crawford at by close of business on February 1, 2019. (ONE ATTACHMENT)

WIC Positions

JOB POSTING: Nutritionist/Dietitian - Affinia Healthcare. Affinia Healthcare has an immediate opening for a full time Nutritionist/Dietitian in the WIC program. The candidate must have graduated from an accredited four-year college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Nutrition, Dietetics, Home Economic, or closely related field; including or supplemented by at least fifteen (15) semester hours in food and nutrition including diet therapy and community nutrition. The selected candidate will provide nutrition education to WIC eligible participants and assess their nutritional needs for certification eligibility. Resumes will be accepted by email only to
WIC is an equal opportunity employer.